Roulette, one of the oldest casino games is popular with young and old alike and is a real eye-catcher for your party or event.


The roulette table is of the highest quality and is similar to real casino tables, such as those found in Holland Casino. We work with professional, representative croupiers and dealers. Our croupiers will gladly explain roulette to inexperienced players. There is room for 10 players and about 12 spectators, so entertainment can be provided for a relatively large group of guests. We provide prizes and play chips, so you can experience the excitement and fun of real casino! The complete package for the Roulette Table rental.


We offer a complete and affordable package including:


- 4 hours playtime

- Professional and properly dressed croupiers

- Top quality roulette table as seen in the casino (2.70 meters long), including cuphouders for your drink

- The largest sized official roulette wheel 

- All the necessary materials to play

- Jackpot Prize for the winner

- Luxury chrome bollards with red velvet ropes

- Assembly and dismantling 


We also offer other fun casino games, such as:


- Roulette

- Poker

- BlackJack

- Wheel of Fortune

- Authentic casino slot machines


Nice decoration options for additional casino atmosphere:


We offer some nice options: a banner of the Las Vegas board, or the entrance of a Casino, on a large canvas (3 x 5). The fabric is hung on a self-contained tubular frame. The sets come with lights and provides a real casino feel at your party or event. We have many sets of various themes: a Las Vegas party, Mafia party or a James Bond party. Do you want a spectacular entrance for your guests? We can arrange a luxury red carpet for you.


Game Description Roulette

Roulette is the oldest game in the casino. It is easy to understand and is appropriate for all ages. The roulette is based solely on luck. A ball is thrown on the wheel by the croupier, in the opposite direction as it rotates. You must guess which box the ball will fall in.  You do this by placing chips on the table. The gambler can bet on one box or several boxes at once. If the ball comes to the number where the gambler has put in, they receive a payment of bank (36 / n) -1 n = number of tracks where the gambler has put in + he gets back his bet. If the ball does not come on the track, the gambler loses his bet.


Are you interested in renting a roulette table for your event, wedding, gala or student party? Ask for a quote or contact us!