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Rent a brass band? Our brass bands make every company party, village party, event and wedding a big party! A swinging brass band is a great act for your party, festival, event and opening ceremony. The brass bands consist of exclusively professional musicians, personally selected by Evenses. The brass bands can be booked for various occasions. Thanks to the swinging drum lines with a Caribbean touch, our brass bands are a guarantee for an entertaining performance. Our brass bands have been busy for years providing entertainment for young and old. The brass band is very interactive because they can walk through the hall or street. In addition, they can of course also play on a stage.

Our brass bands can be booked in different formations. The standard option is a brass band consisting of drummers and wind players. You can also rent the band with dancers to make it even more festive. If you are looking for real spectacle, the band can even perform with fire-eaters. There is something for everyone. We always offer you an all-in package. This means that no unexpected costs are charged afterwards. Consider, for example, travel costs and costs of the sound equipment. At Evenses this is all included in a booking. Everything is arranged down to the last detail.

Brass band books for your city festival, festival or birthday

The bands are personally selected by us on experience and appearance. View the options here! 

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