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Rent food truckfor your event, festival, company party, party or birthday? Food trucks are now totally hip & happening. Food service in the form of food trucks can no longer be overlooked from the festival scene, but have you ever thought of hiring a food truck for your occasion? Create a festival feeling at your event by the food trucks. A Food Truck exudes something cozy, often photos are also made by the guests. Food trucks have a diverse appearance which gives an authentic feeling. The mobile kitchens can be put anywhere, a food truck just gives the extra touch to a festival, company party or wedding. Food trucks have their popularity due to music festivals, now there are even food festivals on which you can taste delicious street food dishes. 

You have a food truck in many different sizes, colors and different cooking styles from different countries. You can choose which food truck with which kitchen suits you and your event best. Small menu cards will be made on which you can see what you can eat at which food truck. This can be completed according to your own wishes. You can also choose the design of the menu for the food truck yourself.

Food truck, food service, food stall rental for your party.

Andere food services waar u aan kunt denken is een leuke eetkraam. Wij hebben o.a. een frietkraam en een poffertjeskraam te huur. Als u interesse heeft in een andere eetkraam schroom niet om even contact met ons op te nemen. Wij hebben extra mogelijkheden aan food service. Een Foodtruck is ideaal in combinatie met de Fotobuzz van Evenses. Dit is een fotobusje in de vorm van een Volkswagen, dit past perfect bij het thema. Ook kunt u een Foodtruck perfect combineren met een Band of Cocktailbar. The Foodtrucks have already been at various events. The Foodtrucks you book with Evenses have an all-in price, including travel costs, equipment and other supplies. At Evenses you only have to worry about the event and enjoy it here. You can contact one of our employees for questions or an offer, we will be happy to help you find a Food Truck. 

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