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Andy Jay - Magician
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Andy Jay - Magician

12 Reviews

Book our fun and exciting professional magician who will surprise everyone at your event

£700 - £1540
Magician Dan
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Magician Dan

3 Reviews

A close up magician that makes unique illusions in front of your eyes!

£350 - £875
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4 Reviews

As featured on BGT in 2017, book the incredible DNA with Evenses

£3400 - £5440
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Do you want to hire a magician? We offer various magicians and illusionists to be booked for your children's party, dinner, reception or business event. Our magicians offer timeless entertainment that will amaze your guests.

With their dexterous tricks and enchanting illusions with a touch of magic, they know how to keep your guests guessing! Surprise, excitement and shock will be all but commonplace!

It is possible to book a complete magic show, in which the magician will show his skills on stage. However, it is also nice to let the table magician walk among the guests, so that everyone can see what he has in store.

A magician for children can provide engrossing children's entertainment by juggling cards during a children's party. Often they are dressed as party clowns that do funny magic tricks and are specifically suitable for children parties.


Hire a magician for your party, birthday or business party

The British magicians of Evenses are suitable for various occasions because they can be presented in different ways, such as a central magic show, a table magic act and magic tricks with cards.

Do you have a large event that has to be opened spectacularly or do you have a small private party that could use some extra entertainment? A magician is also excellent for a business drink or children's party. Evenses and the magicians like to consult with you about the right style of magic show for your party. This is key to be certain your event gets exactly what you want.

Would you like additional musical entertainment, or does a comedian seem a nice addition to you? Contact us and we will discuss all your wishes and preferences regarding booking a magician.

Blog about magicians

Do you want to give your son's 10th birthday party something special for him and his friends? Will you be throwing a family reunion and want to make sure everyone has something to interact with together? Or are you responsible for organizing the annual company party and you want to ensure that the event will be talked about for a long time? Have you ever thought about booking a magician for the party you are going to organize? A magician might just be the perfect addition for all of these situations and many more.

Booking a magician may not be the first thing you think of when organizing a party or event, but a professional magician can add more value to the occasion than you think. A good magician can normally bring many different acts and performances, in very different scenarios, so booking a magician gives you countless options in terms of entertainment. In addition, it will also be an original surprise for your guests, since we assume that they cannot see a live performance of a professional magician up close every day.

Booking a good magician that offers an abundance of tricks and props is beneficial for any themed party. From birthdays for children and fun neighborhood parties, to festive corporate events and fairs for professionals, you can book a magician who fits perfectly for any occasion. Whatever event you are organizing, chances are that booking a magician will completely impress the people present. A live performance of a professional magician can provide your party with that "Wow!" Factor.

However, magic is a very broad term as magicians have a wide variety of tricks in which they specialize in. From simple card tricks, grand illusions, disappearance acts, and impressive acts with fire, magic can take many different forms. Often a magician is a specialist in the field of certain tricks and performances, although most magicians will master several tricks and types of performances.

As a result of the variation that exists when booking a magician, it can sometimes be difficult to know which performance would best suit your event. For that reason, it is useful to work with a company who has experience in the field of booking a magician. Evenses has an extensive range of professional magicians and have also arranged hundreds of bookings for them over the years. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available so that you can book the perfect magician for your party.

Whatever type of entertainment you are looking for, at Evenses we are happy to help you find the ideal choice. To start, you can utilize the search engine on the website and set the filters by budget, ratings, and location. In addition, you will also find a large number of reviews from people who have worked with, or have seen a show by the magician. Furthermore, our bookers and entertainment specialists are available seven days a week, both via the quotation form on our website and by e-mail and telephone.

A piece about magic

To begin with, it is useful to understand what magic is exactly. It is often confused with sorcery, but magic does not involve real magic. Magic is supernatural and exists only in fairy tales or for people who believe in occultism, while magician's magic consists of applying swift tricks and illusions that make it seem like the impossible is occurring in front of your very eyes. Simply put, magic is an art form that serves to entertain spectators with tricks or effects that would not normally be possible.

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of variation in magic tricks and styles. An important element of magic is optical illusions, which are perceived by our eyes and then interpreted differently by our brains. However, if you talk to a professional magician, you will soon realize that optical illusions are not the only thing that magic is based on. Other elements such distraction, quickness, and a knowledge of the human psych also play important roles in successfully performing a magic trick. In addition, constant communication with the spectating audience plays a major role.

It is not entirely clear how and when exactly magic started, but it is often assumed that shamans and charlatans from old communities used the creation of illusions to increase their power within the community. Magic as we know it today has its origins in the eighteenth century. In that period there was much interest in so-called esoteric philosophies, or movements based on certain knowledge that is only accessible to initiates.

It was only in the course of the 19h century that magic was recognized as a fully-fledged performing art. Magic is mainly a part of fairy tales and the supernatural, while the show magic consists of useful tricks that make it seem like the magician is performing impossible things. Certainly in the past, this distinction was not yet clear, because the superstitious people could soon start to see magic tricks as evil. This would lead to magicians sometimes being seen as witches and created dangerous consequences for them in return.

Some good reasons for booking a magician

Even if you haven't considered booking a magician for the party or event you're going to organize, it can be a very good idea. In terms of entertainment, it can be a very original and exciting addition to the occasion. Below we will list some good reasons for booking a magician.

A good way to keep life in the brewery

Certainly in the case of longer events, such as festivals or weddings, a magician can help to keep the atmosphere alive. A magician walking amongst the guests and doing close-up magic is the perfect act to entertain your guests. In this way you keep the attendees involved in the festivities and you are sure that everyone will have a good time until the end.

Ideal for starting conversations

A good magician will create a conversation as everyone will be trying to figure out how a trick was done. This can only benefit the atmosphere of the party and boost social interaction. Certainly at larger parties or events, a magician can bring people that don't know eachother together. That is ultimately what you want to see happening with your guests at your event.

Easy entertainment

Magic is far from easy, but fitting a magician into your party or event can be! Magicians are generally very versatile entertainers who can display their skills in many different environments. A close-up magician, for example, does not need a large stage or expensive installations. He or she is actually a guest like all other guests, only one who is very good at magic tricks.

What Evenses can do for you

As a specialist in the field of entertainment, we work with a broad portfolio of magicians who are suitable for all kinds of parties and events. From birthdays and weddings to festivals and corporate events. Whether you give a summer party in the garden and want to add a touch of mysticism, or are organizing a New Year's Eve dinner for the office, Evenses will be happy to help you find the ideal option. By booking a magician you can make your party unique, especially if you plan what kind of tricks they will perform that will suit the event best.

You can also start looking yourself through the options of magicians on the website. With the help of the search engine you can look trhough the exact options you have in mind. You can always reach us by filling in the quotation form on the website, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can assume that we will give you an act that would best suit your event and leave your guests wanting more.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.