Want to hire a guitarist  for your event, wedding, anniversary or birthday? At Evenses we have a large assortment of instrumental guitarists, (known) singer-guitarists and DJs in combination with guitarists. A DJ with a guitarist, for example, creates a unique sound and leaves a special impression on your guests. In addition, an instrumental guitarist cantouch many music lovers with his impressive guitar playing. If you preferto renta guitar band or  troubadour for parties and other parties, you can.  

Evenses supplies high-quality guitarists. In addition to playing guitar and following guitar lessons, many have followed a college education and years of experience in performing and entertaining. 

Evenses offers you a tailor-made offer without obligation.

Our artists play, among other things, spanish guitar, jazz guitar , classical guitar, acoustic & electric guitar. Feel free to contact us. We look at your wishes together with you and we would be happy to provide you with a free quotation. 


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A talented musician, classic Blues & Rock Covers Singer & Guitarist totally rocks it on guitar.
550,-price on requesta