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Having professional musicians at your wedding will make your special day unforgettable. We have a broad selection of live performer of any genre, and you can hire for your wedding reception. You can book a singer, band or duo to add atmosphere to your party. Our artists know how to get your guests on the dance floor. Whether you love Latin, acoustic, pop, jazz, rock or soul, one of our artists, will play live music according to your preferences.

An artist for your marriage

When you think of music at your wedding planning, you usually think of a DJ, band or singer(s) that perform at the end of the day, during the party. However, throughout the wedding day, you have remarkable moments where music can add something special during the ceremony, bridal party, dinner or reception. You can play a playlist from your laptop, but the effect won’t be the same- less personal. It’s such a pleasure to hear a romantic violin or harp during the ceremony or an acoustic band at your reception. Thinking about hiring a musician for a live performance at your wedding? We have incredible artists that will make your day.

Music for the ceremony

Romantic background music makes the exchanging of vows memorable.


Consider hiring a violinist for background music during the ceremony. A combination of classical pieces and hits of today would leave an unforgettable impression. Our violinists are highly experienced musicians with years of experience. Give your wedding celebration a special touch with violinists’ vast repertoire list and magic of live music.

Harpist Oona

The Harpist Oona provides beautiful harp music for your opening ceremony, wedding, or dinner. Oona is an accomplished harpist with 20 years' experience playing for weddings and functions throughout North West England and North Wales. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree from Edinburgh University in 1984. Having then achieved a Performers’ Diploma on the harp and a Masters Degree at Bangor University specialising in Performance on the Harp, Oona has established a busy and successful career for the past 20 years as a freelance harpist in North West England and North Wales. She offers an extensive repertoire of music in many different styles ranging from Classical, Celtic, Modern and Bollywood, on both the large concert harp and smaller Celtic harp, tailored to create the perfect ambience for the particular special event.

Saxophonist, DJ & pianist Simon

Professional saxophonist Simon creates an intimate and exclusive atmosphere at your ceremony or dinner. As background music, he is a tasteful musical choice for the ceremony and dinner. Simon is able to provide a wide range of shows due to his many years of experience as a performer all over the world in hotels in Mallorca, Ibiza and Cyprus for Thomson Holidays. Simon has also travelled the world working for and P & O in Hong Kong, Singapore, The Fjords and many more exciting places. Able to sing and play a range of songs from the 1950s to date, he is the ideal choice for that special event, especially weddings and corporate functions.

Music for the reception and dinner

Mobile DJ

The Mobile DJ perfectly complements your dinner. The Mobile DJ allows guests to enjoy lovely music throughout the venue. Evenses offers a wide selection of DJs who work with a DJ booth. The DJ can play any genre of music following your needs and preferences. A significant advantage of the Mobile DJ Booth is that it does not require electricity and so can run at a venue without many amenities. The DJ booth is equipped with two batteries and an 1100-watt speaker.

Singer & Pianist Lara

Singer Lara creates rhythmic background music, through her singing and piano playing. Lara is a trained singing pianist with many years of experience performing at weddings, corporate events, parties and many more events. She is able to play a repertoire of loved songs by all ages and generations, or Lara can create an interactive performance which features on-the-spot requests by guests.


Duet is a sensational vocal act made up of best friends Peter and Sam. The pair are seasoned professionals with years of experience under their belts. The London based duo have worked all over the country in professional show productions for the past ten years. They’ve gigged across the UK, sung on cruise ships and toured internationally. They now combine their skills to create a dynamic vocal blend and stage presence as Duet. With a wide range of pop repertoire to choose from they offer a "Laid-back Acoustic Set" or "Party Set". They can sing anything from Sam Smith to Donna Summer! With their tasteful background music, they provide a festive and intimate atmosphere for your dinner or wedding party.

Singer-pianist Sven

Singer and pianist Sven has extensive experience in providing music during weddings and dinners. He sings beautiful ballads while playing the piano. At every event, Sven creates the right atmosphere. He can also play numbers your guests can dance to, swing and sing along.

Music throughout the wedding

The wedding is the highlight of the day, and you want it to be a real dance party. One of these artists can create that for you.

Allround DJ

An all-around DJ plays the best current and hits from the past. This DJ is perfect if you want to hear different styles of music at your party; from pop and disco to R & B and rock.

New Weekend

With both experience and the technique, have whatever you want at your event with this band! New Weekend is a highly professional and innovative party band consisting of some of London's top musicians and is completely versatile to perform at every event. With years of experience combined throughout the UK and abroad, they are available to book as a solo piece right up to a full band of 12 members; anything goes when it comes to the client's wishes. New Weekend are also happy to take bookings for a mix and match of instruments, singers and DJ services. These great voices, ranges and tones allow the band to perform brilliant interpretations of all songs!

The Fallen Angels - A Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

This all-singing, all-dancing show separates the boys from the rest of the pack, with their brilliant chemistry, harmonies and all-around fun flare! Dressed in iconic red jackets, playing all the classic hits and more, boys are available for events such as weddings, corporate events, parties and shows of all sizes in all locations, our boys are always thoroughly professional and great to work with. The show is versatile, and several options are available to the client who can choose which package will suit their event best, ranging from one 60 minute show all the way up to full production, including a live band!

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