This jazz pianist provides beautiful jazz and background music. The subtle sounds of the jazz pianist, create the perfect atmosphere without being overpowering. A pleasant mix of standard jazz, blues, swing, bossa nova, funk and ballads. Pianist Sven has been active as a professional jazz pianist for years. He has played at home and abroad and has gained experience in numerous bands and musical projects. 


If Sven is unavailable, we have several excellent replacements. Evenses works with a team of several pianists. All our jazz keyboard players are academy trained professionals and provide a standard digital piano. You don't need to worry about the instruments. In addition, we can provide a beautiful wing for you, for a great price.


In addition to solo performances, group performances are also possible. A saxophonist, singer, guitarist or double bass player can be added to the performance. You can also choose a jazz duo, a trio or a complete jazz band. We can provide an authentic grand piano or a regular piano.

Would you like to hire a jazz pianist 'Sven' for your wedding, lounge, reception or dinner? You can do this directly via our website. The pianist can also be booked for your event, wedding or anniversary party. Need more information? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!