The group consists of a lead singer with a beautiful voice, accompanied by 3 very skilled musicians. Thanks to their special repertoire, your guests will hear popular and lesser-known songs, beautifully performed by this band. The Premium Band can also be used by performers.

The musicians of The Premium Band got to know each other during their studies at the Conservatory. It was there that the foundation was laid and after they all graduated, they started their careers as professional musicians. The line-up consists of a lead singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer.

The Premium Band can play a variety of genres from pop songs and jazz pieces to soul and bossa nova. Everything is played nicely and there is room for improvisation. The band can be used as background music, but it is in the performances that the band comes alive! This assembly is suitable for a wide range of occasions, including receptions, weddings, business events or anniversary parties.

Would you like to book a background music band for your party, wedding, dinner or for cocktails? The Premium Band can be booked for both background music and performances! Do you have any questions? Please contact us, we are glad to help!