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DJ Erase
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DJ Erase

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Jazz & Lounge DJ Erase provides stylish musical accompaniment to your cocktails or party.

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Vinyl DJ 'Vintage'
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Vinyl DJ 'Vintage'

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Vinyl DJ 'Vintage' uses old LPs and carries you on a musical journey.

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Lounge DJs

Do you want to hire a lounge DJ for your party, reception, ceremony or event? Music with an ambient lounge sound is known as ‘easy listening’. With this style of music, communication on a normal volume is still possible, so lounge DJs are ideal for providing background music.

Lounge DJs provide a pleasant atmosphere at your event, in which guests are still able to converse with each other. This music is also often associated with warm countries and islands like Ibiza, Spain and France. The Lounge DJs mirror their musical style in their flexibility. Requesting a song is no problem if it is discussed beforehand. This music is also known as 'chill-out music', because of its relaxing pace.

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Book a lounge DJ for your reception, wedding or party
What is the difference between a club DJ and a lounge DJ?
What Evenses can do for you

Book a lounge DJ for your reception, wedding or party

Is your partner's birthday soon and you want to enjoy celebrating at a beautiful location on the beach? Have you been asked to organize office drinks this year and you're still looking for some original musical entertainment? Or are you busy organizing a wedding and you would like to book something nice to further elaborate the extensive dinner? Have you ever considered booking a professional lounge DJ for the party or event you are organizing?

Booking a lounge DJ will deliver exactly what it sounds like to your event: Lounge music. The first forms of lounge music originated in the 50s' and 60s' as a form of easy-listening music that was strongly inspired by jazz. Subgenres such as exotica, whose music is often provided with exotic elements from, bossa nova, Polynesian percussion, and space age, are all examples of the variation within the lounge genre.

When we talk about booking a lounge DJ, we are not talking about lounge music in such a classical form, but rather about electronic lounge music. Such modern lounge DJs combine slower tempos with elements from jazz and other earlier easy-listening music in the spirit of artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Louis Prima, and Juan Garcia Esquivel. The idea behind such lounge music is also less to get people on the dance floor during parties and events and more to create a relaxed atmosphere in the background where the guests can quietly drink or eat dinner.

This also means that booking a lounge DJ can be of added value for lots of different events and occasions. From weddings and birthdays to theme parties and corporate events, booking a good lounge DJ can make the event that you are going to organize all the most special. Whatever the occasion, Evenses will ensure that you find the right DJ for your occasion and that just might be a professional DJ.

A live performance by a professional lounge DJ can also be combined with many other forms of entertainment. Think of a live singer, a saxophonist, or a professional trumpet player for that typical Ibiza feeling. Having elements such as this with a lounge DJ creates a dynamic combination that everyone will be impressed by at your event.

Booking a lounge DJ for your event does not have to be difficult, but since there is a fairly wide range of lounge DJs in the UK, it is advisable to seek the help from a company that has experience in the field of such bookings. At Evenses, we have a varied portfolio of lounge DJs that we have already booked countless of times for parties and events, often even including additional entertainment. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available to you, so that you can book the perfect lounge DJ for the event that you are going to organize.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you want to take a look around the options yourself first, you can use the search engine on our website. Furthermore, we will take a closer look at what lounge music is, what a lounge DJ does, and how that differs from how a club DJ performs.

What is the difference between a club DJ and a lounge DJ?

By booking a lounge DJ you get a very different kind of act than when you book a club DJ. Although both generally play electronic music, there are still a lot of differences between lounge DJs and club DJs. Since the music at your party or event will most likely play an important role, it is important that you have a good idea of ​​what you get when booking lounge music. You can always go to our specialists with questions, but to help you get started we will list some of the most important differences below.

In general, lounge sets are longer

The purpose of lounge music is to give a pleasant ambiance to the guests that are lounging. This means that the DJ creates a relaxed atmosphere where the music is enjoyed without being the predominant feature of the event. Compared to club sets, you also get a lot less drops and instead a more stable rhythm with softer transitions. As we wrote before, a lounge DJ isn't trying to get people to go crazy, but rather to accompany the party or event with chill music.

The structure of a lounge set is also different

In addition to the length, the structure of a typical lounge set differs from that of a club set. Due to the absence of a clear build-up and peak, lounge DJs have to work on more fluid sets. In clubs, people often come and go more or less at the same time, while in lounge bars and similar occasions this is not the case. For that reason, booking a lounge DJ is therefore a good idea for events that last longer and where guests are coming and going at different times throughout the evening.

A lot more can be varied

What you often see with club DJs is that they specialize in a certain genre of music, such as techno or urban, or that they at least focus on one music genre per set. In this respect, a lounge DJ can generally offer more variety for your party or event. From deep house and quiet latin house to mellow dubstep and funky jazz, you can do a lot with lounge music, as long as the groove is laid-back.

In terms of requests you can become very creative with lounge sets

Thanks to the wide variety of genres and musical elements that can be used in mixing lounge sets, you also have a lot of freedom to make specific requests. Are you going to organize a party for friends and you are a big fan of the Rolling Stones? Perhaps the act you are going to book can mix a quiet remix of some of their music into his or her set. Do you have a theme party for your son's birthday who loves the 90s? Certainly you can find a lounge DJ that incorporates some hits from that period in the set. As we wrote before, as long as the sound is fluid and not too dominant, you can do a lot.

Lounge DJs often have to pay attention to other cues of the audience than club DJs

A good DJ can and should pay attention to certain cues during the performance to get an idea of ​​the mood and whether the music that is being played is working. A club DJ can, for example, pay attention to the number of people dancing, how they dance, and how wild the atmosphere is. However, with lounge music this is not the case, so the DJ has to pay attention to more subtle clues, such as facial expressions, conversations about the music, and people who unconsciously move their heads a little to the rhythm of the set. When booking a lounge DJ it is therefore important that you choose an artist who can read his audience well in the context of the music he or she plays.

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What Evenses can do for you

If you are thinking about booking a lounge DJ for your party or event, we also recommend that you contact a party with experience in this area. At an entertainment agency such as Evenses, we have been working for years with a wide range of professional lounge DJs. Contact us through the request form on the website, by email, or by telephone to get some help booking a lounge DJ for your big event. Our event specialists are always available and eager to help you on your way to find the right entertainment.

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