DJ & Band

DJ and Band  books for your birthday, wedding or party? With the act DJ and band the best live musicians are mixed with a great DJ.  In this combination, more atmosphere and power is added to the party, the perfect act to book when you want to have a party. The bands bring their own DJ and are therefore perfectly matched. The bands play different genres such as pop, rock, house and soul. Of course they take into account your wishes and preferences. In addition, the band consists of various musicians such as a drummer, guitarist and bassist. It is also possibleto chooseadditional  instruments that appeal to you.

DJ and band hire for your reception, wedding or party

The DJ who plays with the band also takes care of the music during the breaks. This keeps the party going well. In addition, it is also nice when a DJ starts the party and the band next comes. So the party can quietly enter and end with a smashing performance by both the DJ and the band. If you still have not finished partying after the performance of the DJ and the band ? Then the DJ can also continue for a few hours. If you have questions about the DJ and band you can always contact us. We are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and to give you appropriate advice.

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This party act combines a top DJ with a saxophonist, percussionist and a female singer
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