This spectacular Aerial Ring act will surely amaze your guests. This acrobat is a multi-disciplinary gymnast, specialized in wheel gymnastic, air tissue and aerial ring. She performs as a solo artist with her own acts and in bigger productions with other acrobats and artists. She works regularly in theaters and dance productions. In addition to performing, she occasionally gives lessons and workshops, she coaches apprentices and she designs aerial acts. This acrobat grew up together with sports, music and theater, all in one!


At the age of six, her mother constructed a stage in her room, where she could perform whenever she wanted. At the age of eleven, she discovered the wheel gymnastic.


After two years of training, she won the Dutch championships in her category. In 2004, she went to Germany to train the world champion (at the time) Achus Emeis in Leverkusen. In 2005, she won a silver medal at the world championships in Aachen.


Partially because of her success in sport, at the age of 16 she was asked to give a first professional performance. It was scheduled as an introduction to the concerts of Frans Bauer in Ahoy, in the Netherlands.


From that moment onward, she could not stop anymore. She combined international performances with her training schedule for contests during her college graduation. When she suddenly broke a week before the world championships in a recording for 'Good Morning Netherlands', she understood that she had to make a decision. She has chosen the private training at Corpus Acrobatic Theater. There Linde came into contact with air gymnastic tissue, aerial ring, bungee and trapeze.


In addition to performances at company events, she has performed in numerous projects, such as a real circus, improvisation theater in amusement parks, a dance production during a football match and flash mob shows at Schiphol Airport.


Aerial Ring Show Requirements:


* The required height is 5 meters or more. The hanging point must have a capacity of 500 kg. This could be a support beam, truss, chain hoist or a very robust tree.

* To secure the fabric (tissue), safe access to the suspension point is required. This can be via ladder, climbing rope or goods lift. If this is not available or there is uncertainty about the safety of the reception point, it is essential to rent a rigger.

* Transport: the materials can be carried out either by car or by plane. The Wheel is 2.15 meters high and it can be divided into four parts, total weigh is about 50 kg.

* Weather & safety: for safety reasons, the "German Wheel Act" can not be carried out with rain or strong wind. Neither it is possible when it is slippery (for example as a result of fog).

* Light & Sound: professional lights greatly increase the show impact; colored light spots, black light or spotlights make it even more beautiful. Atmosphere or dramatic music also increases the impact of the show. Evenses can organize both lights and sound for you.

* Duration: the performance should last about 5-10 minutes.


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