The acrobatic show is a must-see at any party; a great experience for both you and your guests! You can book this act at an attractive price via Evenses. They are available for various occasions such as your company event, special occasion, festival or party.


This special acrobatic act is a fusion of many different high-quality techniques into a beautiful, creative and stylish act. The artist uses a specially built handstand pedestal. The act is an impressive and elegant proof of strength, flexibility and dynamism. This tastefully styled choreography can be performed as a solo act or with two people. This ground-acrobatic act has diverse alternatives for different occasions and the show can be always adapted, according to your wishes and needs. 


The acrobatic show has two options:


The stage show is a spectacular act, where the artist gives a powerful, intense show. This show is designed to pre-arranged music and lasts six minutes. Your guests will never forget this spectacular act. 


The lounge act is a freestyle show that lasting between 20 to 30 minutes, during which the artist improvises to the music being played. The show provides space for interaction with the public; a guaranteed success!


Would you like an acrobatic show for your company Christmas party, event or anniversary party? This act can be booked through Evenses for your staff party or festival. Complete the inquiry form or contact us. We are available seven days a week to answer all your questions.