Lianna provides a beautiful atmosphere and background music. Lianna is a true talented harpist and plays on the so called "Wurlitzer" harp. The harpist is a true addition to your wedding, reception, dinner, drinks, or gathering.


Lianna started at the harp next to Margot Flipse-Broederrs. After Margot passed away, Lianna inherited her harp, the "Wurlitzer". Lianna inherited her harp because she was best student and Margot saw a great talent in Lianna.


Afterwards Lianna took lessons from Helga from Redesse and Edward Witsenburg. She also lived in Brussels where she received lessons from Susanna Mildonain. Lianna graduated at the conservatory of Utrecht in Holland. She performed as soloist in several orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad.


She has also won various prizes in large and minor competitions both at home and abroad. She has a record contract for at least 2 CDs at Centaur records in the United States of America!


Lianna did a harp solo, in among others, the flute / harp concert or Mozart, 'Morceau' or C. Saint-Saëns and 'Konzert Für Harfe' or GF Händel. Lianna is mainly focused on classical music, film and pop music, she is frequently broadcasted on radio and television.


Lianna is flexible and can be a part of a violist and a singer if she really wants to. She can perform weddings, business events or ceremony. She enjoys playing at receptions or gatherings.


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