Introducing RoboThespian, the ultimate acting humanoid designed for human interaction in a public environment. The first and most iconic robot!


Featuring an incredibly expressive range of movements and emotions, he is the perfect talking robot. The charming and elegant design is perfectly balanced and amazes wherever he travels. He is at home as an entertainer, salesman, an actor in a film or theatre or as a teacher. Just set him up and watch him go. RoboThespian can be animated on the fly, or ahead of time. He can also be inhabited remotely, making him the ultimate telepresence device.


Other types of event he has taken part in include, trade shows, corporate events, panel discussions, keynote speeches and press releases.
This humanoid acting robot was designed, developed, engineered and programmed for use in entertainment. Content, speech and actions are fully customisable, plus the robot can be remotely operated.


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