Why is it essential to have a DJ at your wedding?

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A wedding day filled with happiness, love, cheerfulness, and joy is always remarkable. On this wonderful journey everything should be perfect and vivid: detailed and most important, it has got to be felt. We are all trying to make an overwhelming impression on all of our friends, relativities, and guests. Undoubtedly, this special day should contain the most magnificent wedding party. A DJ can positively contribute to the end of your dream day to a full extent. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to find the right one.

So how do you know if this particular DJ is going to play the perfect live wedding ceremony music? Just like every couple, you intrinsically want to organize an unforgettable wedding party. Though, we can imagine how problematic is to find a DJ. Besides, you have not even heard him, or her playing live. Don’t panic yet! With these five tips, we will make sure that you find a DJ that fully meets your expectations for the best wedding party.

1. Take a careful look at the DJ’s experience

Not everyone with a turntable is already a good DJ. The success of the party mostly depends on the experience the artist has. A professional DJ touches every single heart, where memories won't fall apart; he/she knows what they want to hear.
When booking a DJ, do not just look at the price, but also at the experience- the way DJs do their ‘’magic tricks’’. With making a personal connection with the DJ, you will be assured of the best wedding day. Since Evenses works with a team of several DJs, you always have the guarantee that our DJs will discuss all your wishes and preferences in advance. We will make sure they know exactly what you are looking for and which songs you certainly want to hear.

2. What music genre fits you best?
Think carefully! Choose the right genre that matches your personality. Are you a fan of trance or urban, or do you prefer dance music, but what about your guests? Do they also enjoy listening to it? The chances are that some of your grandfathers, grandmothers, older uncles and aunts will be at your party. Consider beforehand which music genre perfectly fits your wedding. The well-known eighties and nineties hit often do well for everyone.
Evenses has a wide range of all-around DJs, playing more than one style of music. You can also opt for a disco DJ, a house DJ or an 80's / 90's DJ.
All-round DJ
An all-around DJ is a versatile genius, who has the ability to adapt to the atmosphere, the venue and the taste of music of the audience. You can book an all-around DJ for your wedding party to turn your celebration to the biggest dance floor with well-known songs played or you can hire a DJ to enjoy listening to best trance or techno tracks that hypnotized the world.
Disco DJ
Do you want to hear the best dance classics or soul and funk at your wedding all delivered with vintage style? Then book a disco DJ that runs all disco classics really well with all age groups.
80's / 90's DJ
Would you like to hear well-known classics that almost everyone knows? Then an 80's / 90's DJ is the best option.
Do you want a dance floor full of people dancing like crazy? All famous dance hits from the eighties and nineties of Madonna, Prince and George Michael.
House DJ
Are you and the guests going wild for the house songs? Then booking a house DJ is undoubtedly the best choice for your wedding. Our DJ specializes in house, trance, and dance and plays the tracks, revealing everything surreptitious that music is hidden.
Book a well-known DJ
Do you really want to make an unforgettable impression? Then book a well-known DJ. With our starts, you can be guaranteed that the party will be a success. Evenses has a wide range of famous DJs, such as DJ Roog, Dave Roelvink and Lady Bee who have this passion for making all your dreams come true and turn your event into a fairy-tale.

3. Go for something original
Do you want something more inspired and unique? A DJ with a live musician is one to look at. This combination gives a new breath to many music tracks. Besides, it creates a special bond shared with the public. The best duo of DJ and live musician combines the best of two very different music worlds: a sensational live performance together with the stirring beats of the DJ will make your day incomparable to any other. Evenses offers various options. You can either choose a DJ with saxophonist, or trumpet or guitarist and violinist.
DJ with (a) singer (es)
A DJ with a singer (es) is a great fit for every celebration, event or performance. These two can give the best mixture of a live performance and the delicious beats of the DJ.

4. Check whether there is a backup
Indisputably, you do not want to take the risk of there being no music at your wedding party. It can occasionally happen that the DJ is unexpectedly prevented by, for example, illness. Always check in advance if there is a back-up in case of prevention. A professional entertainment agency always has a back-up stand-by.

5. Check if the equipment works
An experienced and professional DJ has its own equipment. Therefore, you do not have to arrange sound equipment or lighting by yourself. If a musician plays along with the DJ, the musician plugs in his equipment to the DJs. Take a look if the cables of the sound equipment and the lighting are not on the floor. You can always check our terms and conditions for any cases.
Is there any equipment at the party location? Then you can always signpost this in advance. The DJ will take this into account.

What about the dance floor?
Do you want to get everyone on the dance floor at your wedding? An illuminated LED dance floor is perfect to encourage guests to dance. Illuminated dance floors are suitable for almost any kind of party. Evenses takes care of everything from the delivery to the installation of the illuminated dance floor.
They are available in different models. How about an old-fashioned illuminated disco floor? Or a floor with your names displayed?

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