Kris Kross Amsterdam was founded by brothers Jordy Huisman and Sander Huisman in 2011. They organized a party, Kris Kross, where they could play their favorite music. The party is named after the famous rap duo Kris Kross that appeared in the 90s, with their hit song 'Jump'.


As a result of the successful parties organized by the duo, the two men became increasingly popular and were heavily booked. That popularity was really caused by their unique concept of music. They combine R & B, hip-hop, twerk, stairs and house with classic and contemporary songs. In 2014, the brothers added Yuki Kempees to Kris Kross Amsterdam, as their MC. This resulted in even better shows. Today Kris Kross Amsterdam is known mainly for their versatile style and good interaction with the audience.


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