Erick E is a famous Dutch DJ with a great track record. He can be booked through Evenses at an attractive rate for any occasion. 


As one of the most popular Dutch DJ's, his schedule is full of bookings for major events and prestigious clubs, both at home and abroad. Erick E knows how to entertain a large crowd and this talent made sure he retained his spot at the top of Dutch house music for over a decade! Along with his energetic and danceable mix, his infectious enthusiasm and charisma are main reasons for his huge popularity. He is the number one DJ from Amsterdam, wherever he goes!


Erick E's DJ career started in 1986, when he began to establish his name in Amsterdam as an exceptional hip-hop DJ. His talent as a DJ did not go unnoticed. In 1989, he won the Dutch DMC Championship and that was just the beginning. A year later, Erik E represented the Netherlands at the DMC World Finals. In 1995, Erik E became the face and voice of a new generation of DJs who appeared in the Netherlands. His weekly ‘SWET' evenings were a great success and were visited by Amsterdam's most extravagant clubbers. As a result of the club ROXY closure, Erik E lost his steady occupation. However, he was not unemployed as his schedule was more packed than ever before. 


He was without obligation and could go wherever he wanted. Soon he was Amsterdam's favorite DJ. His reputation as a groovy party starter made sure he was booked in every corner of the Netherlands, for both intimate and large dance events. He played at Dance Valley and at the amazing Sensation, held in Amsterdam, before a crowd of at least 40,000 people. 

In addition to these major events, he is regularly employed by clubs like Panama, Stalker, Now and Wow, Club More, Shop Sinkel and also by the award winning Loveboat party.


Erick E’s schedule takes him beyond the Netherlands. He has performed in luxurious clubs in Jerusalem, Ibiza, Miami and London. If that wasn’t enough, Erik started a number of proprietary projects along with other well-known DJ's. Erick E is also a successful producer and he has his own record label, Onestar Recordings. Given Erick E's increasing focus on areas of production, his future will only be more successful.