A stylish casino, well maintained, on location! You can reserve a casino for your company party, student party, stag party, wedding or anniversary party. Our casino is similar to a real casino. We work with professional representative croupiers and dealers. Our croupiers make the games easy for inexperienced players. We also work with the finest, well-maintained casino tables that are replaced each year. We provide prizes, gaming tokens and coins, so you can experience the excitement and fun of a real casino!


Evenses Casino, a complete package.


We offer a full casino with the following complete and affordable package:

- 4 hours of playtime

- Professional and properly dressed croupiers

- Choice of two beautiful tables. Choose from: roulette / Poker / BlackJack / Wheel of Fortune

- All the necessary materials to play

- Play Dollars for your guests

- Manuals for Beginners

- Jackpot Prize for the winner

- Assembly-disassembly 


Below the explanations of the individual games:



Poker is a card game that has recently become a well-known casino game. Before 2003, nobody really knew this game, but now it cannot be missed in a casino. In poker, unlike most casino games, it is not only about luck but also about tactics. You have to let your opponent use as much money as possible because you ultimately want to collect it. The luxurious poker tables are even suitable for professional poker. The tension at the poker table is always so thick, it can be cut with a knife.


Poker clinic:

Poker clinic, although there are many people who can play poker and know the rules, there are also many people who do not. For these people, you can get a poker clinic separately. The poker clinic is attended to by our experienced brokers, who also give tips and advice.



Roulette is the oldest game that can be found in the casino. This game is easy to understand and so can be mastered by young people and older in no time. All you have to do is guess where the ball falls and the rest is done by the croupier. The Rental roulette table is the same size as that of Holland Casino and this attracts many.



Blackjack is a game played with seven people. They do not play against each other, but with each other, against the bank. Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino. It is very easy to learn and is therefore for young and old. A luxury blackjack table should not be missed on a casino night.


Slot machine:

Casino Rental has several slot machines at its disposal. Most casinos are full of slot machines. They are often used for decoration, but clients can also bet on them. These are professional slots and you are supplied with tokens to bet with.


Want to hire a casino for your corporate event, wedding, event or office party? You can through Evenses at an excellent rate. For questions or a quotation, please contact us.



There was a lot of gambling at our staff party! Everyone was wildly enthusiastic and we had a fantastic evening. Excellent arrangment, thanks!


This was the hit at my birthday party. We enjoyed ourselves all night in my temporary casino. 

Everything was explained clearly and everyone could play along!


We had a great evening with our group of friends at home. Next year there is another casino evening on the schedule, so we know where to find you!