Do you want to create a unique experience for your party or event? Think about this soothsayer. She can be hired to read hands or to lay tarot-cards. A soothsayer is fun to book for your wedding, staff party, Congress, or reception.

With her tarot-cards soothsayer, Naria is a welcomed artist at parties and events. Since 2003 she is active as a tarot-card reader. By soothsaying with cards or tarot-cards, she can do mini-readings. She shows the guests how special they are and affirms their talents. Naria puts herself among the guests. After some time, their conversations change, the guests are visible touched, and brighten up. She has the needed humour and self-mockery, even the greatest cynic cannot withstand her smile.

She is a master in reading cards and people. The sessions with guests are unique and take 1 to 10 minutes each. It will not get wishy-washy but it is spiritual entertainment at a high level. Are you looking to book soothsayer Naria for your drink, birthday party, or celebration? This soothsayer is hirable via Evenses for your opening ceremony and wedding. Fill out the form to request a quote or ask for an offer without obligation. We are available seven days a week to answer all your questions.

The evening came out exactly the way we hoped for. It was beautiful. Naria had great success, people stood in line for her. Everyone was impressed with what she could see in her cards. Really recommended!  ​