Book a DJ who plays your favourite genre

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Are you organizing a party? Then hiring a DJ is an important part. Or course, you want to book a DJ who plays the right genre. When the DJ plays you and your guests favorite genre, this adds to the atmosphere of your party. Everyone can be found on the dance floor and your guests will have a great evening. We'll you five favorite genres that our DJs play.

Book a DJ who plays your favorite genre

The Evenses DJs are a different package in terms of different genres. So you can book DJs who play one of the following five styles:

80's and 90's

A disco DJ will take you back in time

Are you organizing a party with a disco theme? Then a disco DJ has to be at your party. Our best DJs play all of the disco, funk and soul songs to make your disco party one to remember. You hear all the iconic dance classics passing by and this creates a great party where no one can stand still. Practice your disco dance moves, show them off at the party with your friends and listen to the great hits such as Boogie Wonderland, Rapper's Delight, I Feel Love by Donna Summer or In the Stone from Earth, Wind and Fire. In the disco era the DJs played with vinyl records and you can have the chance to recreate this unique feeling, you can rent a vinyl DJ. This brings you and your guests completely into the atmosphere of the 70’s!

80's / 90's DJ for your party

Want to organise an 80's or 90's party? Then an 80's / 90's DJ is of course the best choice. Our DJ turns your party location into a real drive in show. 80's and 90's parties are a big celebration of the best hits of the past, especially if you were growing up at that time. The 80's / 90's DJs plays all of the popular eighties and nineties hits that remind you of some great memories. You can enjoy the songs of Madonna, George Michael, Prince and more. Do you want to add something extra to the show? How about a retro DJ with a saxophonist? This will increase the excitement even further. With a performance of a DJ with a saxophonist, your party will definitely be a blast!

Lounge DJ for relaxed background music

Do you want relaxing background music at your party or event? Then a Lounge DJ is a great idea. Lounge music is ideal background music for any event. It is easy listening and not disturbing, allowing your guests to mix and mingle. The music played by the lounge DJ creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere at your party or event. Do you want some more dance music towards the end of the evening? Then that is also possible. Just like their musical style, our lounge DJs are very flexible. It is therefore no problem for the DJ to take up requests or dance numbers as the party gets started.

House DJ for a spectacular party

A House DJ turns your party into a spectacular night of fun with all of your guests. The DJ for your event will play the best dance, trance and house music all night long whilst also reading the crowd. Thanks to this interaction your guests will really enjoy themselves throughout your event. It is also possible to request certain tracks for the DJ to play, your guests can do this in advance, but also during the party itself.

All-round DJ for various music styles

Do you want to hear the latest and best hits at your party, but also golden oldies and real dance classics? An all-round DJ takes care of all of these genres and more. This party DJ can be used for any kind of party, such as a wedding, company party, anniversary or birthday party. The DJ plays music that is completely tailored to your wishes and taste. It does not matter whether this is house, trance, top 40 or disco! Requests for certain songs or genres can be made in advance!

Book a known DJ?

Did you know, that you can also book a well-known DJ at Evenses? If you are organising a big event or party, this is of course a must. You certainly have the guarantee that your party will be crowded. At Evenses you can hire DJs who play various styles, such as dance, trance, house and urban. We work together with big names like Fedde Le Grand, DJ Roog, Dave Roelvink, Childsplay DJ Dyna, Yellow Claw and DJ Paul Elstak.

Own sound equipment and lighting

When you hire a DJ, most of the time they will provide their own equipment. You do not have to arrange the sound equipment or lighting yourself, as this is left for a professional engineer. However, in the off chance that a DJ is unable to provide their own equipment, Evenses will help to find the most appropriate supplier to work with. If you book a DJ with a musician, the equipment shall also be arranged. The musician, connects their equipment to the sound system of the DJ.

Assured of a professional show

If you book a DJ at Evenses you are assured of a professional and entertaining show. All our DJs are personally and carefully selected by us. Each deejay is an experienced and accomplished entertainer. Our deejays have already provided a show in many locations. From a party at a chic castle to a tour boat or a party centre. Thanks to our flexibility, the DJ Show can be adapted to the size of the location and the party. Of course, we do this entirely to your wishes. You can further expand the DJ Show with extras such as a saxophonist, a singer or an illuminated dance floor.

There’s always a DJ on standby

You can also ask a friend, cousin or your neighbor if you want to be a DJ at your party. A disadvantage, however, is that you run a great risk with this. If the befriended DJ suddenly becomes ill, there is no substitute. If you hire a DJ from a professional entertainment agency, you do not run this risk. At Evenses there is always an extra DJ on standby. In the unlikely event that we can not wait any longer, we will immediately arrange another DJ who can fit right in to your event. Therefore, you are always certain or DJ show for your event. Also, your guests will not notice a thing!

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