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On a wedding day, you want everyone to have a good time. It should be, of course, the best night of your life with a stylish vibe that is felt throughout the evening. A good jazz band can provide the right atmosphere on your big day! Wedding music is an important component in organising your wedding. At the entertainment agency Evenses, we have a great variety of bands for hire for your big day! Are you getting married in a couple of months and is everything already settled? Like the wedding music, the catering, the location, an etc.? Wedding day is often handled by wedding entertainment agencies. So you can hire your UK's live party band, wedding DJ or a wedding singer for your special day.

What is Jazz?

Jazz is improvisation-based music. It originated in New Orleans by mixing different styles of older music styles. The original Jazz music was primarily influenced by West African rhythms. It was a mix of ragtime, blues, folk, negro spirituals and French marches. In the heyday of Jazz, the Swing era was the most popular. At that time, Jazz was mostly dancing music. Jazz later evolved into a more experimental type of music. Entirely new genres of music were formed from Jazz, such as Soul, R & B, funk and pop.

Why Jazz?

Jazz songs are totally versatile. This genre of music is always up to date. There are even now, popular hits with a strong jazz influence. It is also enjoyed by the young and old alike. Jazz can give you many different feelings. It can provide a quiet, sophisticated atmosphere but it can also energise your guests. Jazz can be anything you want it to be. An excellent choice for a wedding or any other event.

Begin the evening with some quiet jazz record

At the beginning of the evening, we advise you to start with some soft jazz. Guests can mingle and enjoy a drink while the jazz artists play softly in the background. A saxophone provides subtle background music creates an excellent atmosphere. Alternatively, a live band with jazz instruments can make your day special.

Give your guests some upbeat jazz

As the evening progresses and people loosen up, you can play some more upbeat jazz hits for your guests. You want your guests to have a great time dancing at your wedding, and smooth jazz is definitely the music to keep your guests on the dancefloor. Originally jazz was considered ‘energetic dance music', so you can expect lots of dancing.

Versatile cover bands

Most Jazz Bands will also have some soul or pop songs in their repertoire, so ensure you discuss your preferences and needs. The band Jazz House, for example, starts the evening with soft background music and ends the night with fantastic dancing hits. They are an excellent choice for a chic marriage which deserves an incredible end. These jazz musicians will make your wedding unforgettable. A guaranteed success! Check our selection of bands for hire for your wedding reception! You will be impressed by jazz covers and smooth tones.

Check out our write up on wedding music here and pick the best for you!

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