Top 5 reasons to choose a female DJ

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Top 5 reasons to choose a female DJ

The female DJs are hard-working and highly motivated creatures. These musical ladies conquer the event market both nationally and internationally. It’s not surprising that female DJs are storming a music world, having their male behind the turntables. We give you five key reasons why you should book a female DJ.

Unforgettable experience: always stunning, different and unique

The Netherlands is well-known for the many good male DJs, such as Quintino, Fredde Le Grand, Alvaro, Freddy Moreira, Martin Garrix and Childsplay- all big names. If you have ever seen a male DJ performance, quite frequently you catch yourself thinking what the name of the artist was. No doubt that female professionals have a completely different story, an alternative perception. Even though the ladies have gained the popularity and a strong position in the event market, reaching the top and attaining new heights, the number of female DJs is still scarce.

Do you want to make your event special?

Here we come! What advantage of having a woman behind your turntable at your event or party. What an exceptional interest and an unforgettable impression you could make here. Your guests would be fascinated by all means and would enjoy the excellent performance of the lady DJ, chatting about your party or event.


With a woman behind the DJ booth, the musical and physical flexibility become metaphors. The danceable beats of a DJ combined with vocals and the charm of a female artist would have a long-lasting story. All female DJs from our event agency went through a strict selection process. Our female artists should meet all criteria to be on stage. We only choose the most professional, ambitious and representative individuals. Their extensive experience with running at large parties, events, festivals, weddings, company parties and birthdays have shown the hundreds of happy hearts.


Although, the majority of the DJs, are male, luckily, a little change is coming. Most of us are familiar with famous female DJs like ISIS, Miss Djax and Lady Aïda followed by quite a significant number of new national stars like Lady Bee and Fajah Lourens, female artists are still in the minority. The female DJs want to show their potential and prove their talents to be at least as virtuous as their male colleagues. The ladies are therefore very ambitious and professional. Our female performers put much effort into preparing and making every show professional, inspiring and glowing. With their talent, drive, aspiration, and professional working attitude, your event is guaranteed to be a success.


A woman behind the turntable gives a new breath to your party. A female performance has its magic. A lady as a DJ is a unique instrument, which touches every heartstring. It’s always an exclusive choice to keep your audience interested. Our female DJs run the tastiest beats, certainly attracting much attention

Perfect musical features

Our experienced and stylish female DJs feel the atmosphere at a party. With the help of a female DJ, you are assured of good musical elements.

Are you still excited about our female DJs?

The female DJs from Evenses are waiting for you in every market. An extensive list of musical styles, genres for all generations is ready to be used. Pop music for the active and young minds, rock for personality and character, urban has its specific creative approach, for dances, fun, and joy we have disco music and trance for our best music lovers. Through this extensive database of music tracks, our audience has an option to choose a style of music that perfectly matches every party. An illuminated dance floor, light and sound effects, and additional features will ensure that the party location fits the perfect atmosphere.

Time to book a female DJ for your party. We have five great ideas.

DJ Lady Bee

Lady Bee is full of energy and excitement! This lady is the perfect example of how professional can be women DJs Her sweet tunes, passion, and power gets the crowd excited.  As soon as Lady Bee uses the beats, nobody will stop. Her popularity has no boundaries. Lady Bee DJ started as MC but has grown into a well-known world-class DJ. As soon as Lady Bee uses the beats, you won’t stop.

DJ Miss Goodvibes

DJ Miss Goodvibes runs weekly at several parties in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. She is behind the DJ booth at weddings, birthdays and corporate events. This extraordinary lady makes every occasion spectacular and remarkable. Be sure you have a place on the dance floor. Our exceptional Dj plays various styles of music. Our fabulous DJ runs urban, mainstream, hip-hop, dancehall, house, disco, R & B and dance.

DJ Juliette

DJ Juliette is an energetic, ambitious and all-around female DJ who likes to show her enthusiasm and play as much as possible. She selects the right songs for your party and plays the tracks with unprecedented energy. Her talent and her sense of music have already been seen at dozens of parties. With her charisma, DJ Juliette turns your event into a successful party or event.

DJ Lize

You can book this creative female DJ for any party. Whether it is a company event, anniversary, birthday or wedding; DJ Lize gives a unique performance at every party. This lady has a personal approach and specializes in various musical genres, from pop and dance to R & B and disco. She also plays classics from the seventies and eighties. Our DJ always perform with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

DJ J-Lynne

What about s fancy event with soul house, deep house, techno, disco house or tech house? If yes, this female DJ is an absolute must. DJ J-Lynne knows how to build a party. This lady has made a career in the Netherlands and is now on the way to conquering the world. She went beyond the turntables; our ambitious DJ also produces her tracks. DJ J-Lynne is all over the world and has performed in Bali, Berlin, Barcelona, Doha, Ibiza, Italy, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, the Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, and London.

DJ Mary-Q

With her extensive setlist, DJ Mary-Q gets everyone on the dance floor. This versatile and sparkling all-around DJ provides a wide range of music. Whether you want trance, techno or hardstyle at your event or instead go for top 40 hits and well-known classics from the seventies, eighties, and nineties; DJ Mary-Q is in. She ensures that your party or event becomes an actual dance party!

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