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Dance floors

Do you want to hire an illuminated dance floor for your party, birthday or event? In that case, an illuminated LED dance floor is perfect to encourage your guests to dance. Evenses entertainment has several types of illuminated dance floors. We have LED illuminated dance floors, illuminated Disco floors, illuminated dance floors with patterns, illuminated dance floors with pixels and more! The illuminated dance floors are suited to every party.

Want to hire illuminated dance floors for your wedding party?

Evenses entertainment agency provides everything from delivering to installing the illuminated dance floor. It is all done by professional experts. We make sure that all you have to do is enjoy your party!


We can provide you with a quote without obligation. With this offer, you know precisely where you stand with us. We pride ourselves in that you will never have any hidden costs or surprises when you book with us. The proposal will give you an all-in break down of the costs specified for your event. If you are interested in hiring an illuminated dance floor, check out our range.

About illuminated dance floors

Is your son or daughter turning eighteen soon and you want to organise a dazzling disco to celebrate the occasion in style? Is your wedding going to take place in a few months and are you still looking for ways to make the dance floor a little more special? Or are you organising the party at the office and would like to do something original for the occasion? You probably have already thought of some special lighting, a DJ, or a professional singer, but have you considered booking an illuminated dance floor?

With an illuminated dance floor, you might be thinking back to the era of disco music and movies such as Saturday Night Fever. That is not surprising, because it is this film that is often seen as an important reason for the popularity of illuminated dance floors in the seventies and eighties. The story says that director John Badham had the idea for the floors in different dance scenes of the film during a visit to The Club, a nightclub in Birmingham, Alabama.

For those who cannot really get a good picture of what we mean when we talk about an illuminated dance floor: an illuminated dance floor, sometimes also called LED dance floor or disco dance floor, is a floor with panels or tiles that light up in different colours, normally to the rhythm of the music being played. Sometimes these floors can also be programmed as part of the location lighting.

The nice thing about booking an illuminated dance floor is that it can add enormous value for a variety of parties and events. From cosy birthdays and dazzling weddings, to festive corporate events , you can book an illuminated dance floor for almost any occasion. No matter what kind of party you organise, chances are that booking an illuminated dance floor will surely make for a memorable party, both for your guests and yourself.

Booking an illuminated dance floor for your event does not have to be complicated, but given the varied selections in the UK, it is advisable to get help from a company with experience in the field of lighted dance floors. One illuminated dance floor is not like the other and Evenses has the knowledge to help you find the best choice. We have an extensive range of dance floors at our disposal that we have already installed at countless of events. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available so that you can book the perfect lighted dance floor for the event that you are going to organise.

Our bookers and entertainment specialists are available seven days a week, both via the online chat on our website and by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to take a look yourself, you can use the search engine on our website to see all the illuminated dance floors in our portfolio. In addition, we will also explain what an illuminated dance floor exactly is and what you should pay attention to when you book one.

Some things to look out for when booking an illuminated dance floor

Although booking a dance floor is not difficult in itself, it is important that you choose the right floor for the occasion. Because there is quite a difference in function, quality, and suitable use. Of course, we can help you with this, but in order to give you an idea of ​​the factors that play a role in booking a lighted dance floor, we have listed a few things to watch out for during the booking process.

Wired versus wireless: what is the difference and what works best?

This is a point you might not even think about if you have never booked an illuminated dance floor before, but that can make a huge difference. Wireless sounds a lot more convenient, but in the case of an illuminated dance floor, it is also a lot riskier. This is because the electricity is transported between the panels using copper connectors. If the connection between these connectors is not optimal, panels may fail and that is a huge issue. There are many situations in which the connection is not optimal. Think of odd surfaces, people who drop their drinks, or children who jump too wildly on the dance floor. In short, a wirelessly lit dance floor brings a lot of risk of problems during the party.

A wired lit dance floor, on the other hand, is a lot more reliable. This mainly concerns the connection between the panels of the floor. If it contains wires, then previously discussed factors such as an uneven surface, a spilt drink, or too large a group of people on one part of the floor are no longer a risk. So make sure you check whether the lighted dance floor that you like is wired or wireless, and try to go for a wired version if possible.

Note the size of the illuminated dance floor

This may sound logical, but it would surprise you how often bookings are considered for illuminated dance floors that actually can not fit a dance floor. First, you should decide where you would like to have a floor installed and how much space is available there. Then, you can see which illuminated dance floors are available and which would fit well at the location of the party or event that you are going to organise. Doing this will make any issues of being able to fit a dance floor at your event a thing of the past.

Do research online

Certainly, if it is the first time that you are going to book an illuminated dance floor, then it is wise to do some research about different options. You will find different reviews for illuminated dance floors on our website to help give you a picture of the best dance floors. These are written by people who have already booked the dance floor in question or have danced on it at another party. In addition, you will be able to find video material online and other reviews of many illuminated dance floors in other places. That way you can get a bit of an idea of ​​what the floor looks like during a party and what people thought of it.

What Evenses can do for you

Just as there are different types of DJs or orchestras, you also have to deal with a lot of choices of illuminated dance floors. At Evenses, we have a wide range of illuminated dance floors that are suitable for bookings at all kinds of parties and events, from birthdays and weddings to festivals and corporate events.

In cooperation with you, we can also book an illuminated dance floor in combination with other types of entertainment such as a live DJ set or a visual show by a VJ. Whether you want to give the upcoming neighbourhood party an original touch or are looking for unique entertainment for an office party, an illuminated dance floor will impress. To give your party a finishing touch, you can book an illuminated dance floor and have it adjusted to your favourite music to make it even more personal.

When booking an illuminated dance floor, it is often a good idea to do that with a company that has experience in booking LED dance floors. Evenses has been active in the world of entertainment and event planning for many years, and we have installed numerous types of illuminated dance floors with our customers countless times.

With the help of the search engine on our website, you can explore our range of illuminated dance floors, while our event specialists are available seven days a week to answer your questions. You can reach us by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by email or phone. At Evenses, you can be sure that we will handle the difficult part and find you the best LED dance floor possible at your next event.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.