Looking for videography, photography, or digital services for your wedding, event, or party? Tye Bateis a company that will serve to deliver exactly what you want and exactly when you want it. With a variety of packages and services, Tye Batedelivers professionals with the camera and other equipment to fully capture what you want at your wedding, company commerical, or any occasion.


With a proliferated market it’s difficult to know who to trust your brand or business with. So, when the time comes to building a winning digital marketing strategy, entrusting your vision with the right people is critical.


Welcome to Tye Bate, a collective of inspired and creative digital content solutioneers. We live to feed the world with good, and we do this by helping brands and businesses tell their story through digital content solutions that are compelling, engaging, but most of all, memorable.


The Packages available are listed below, please contact Evenses for help on deciding which is best for you:


STARTER PACKAGE-£220.00 Includes Up to 30 seconds of Edited Video content (16:9 | 1080p)Up to 10 Photos Delivery in 1 week of shoot date1 Hour Shoot –1 revision only No-In person Interview Details of the shoot to be entered into a questionnaire.

LITE PACKAGE- Up to 1min of Edited Video content (16:9 | 1080p) / Up to 20 Photos Delivery in 5 Days of shoot date / 2 Hour Shoot – 2 revisions only / In-person Interview

PREMIUM PACKAGE- Up to 1min of Edited Video content & up to 30 seconds of Edited Video content (16:9 | 1080p) / Up to 30 PhotosDelivery in 3 days of shoot date / 3Hour Shoot – 3revisions only / In-person Interview

LUX PACKAGE- Up to 3 min of Edited Video content (16:9 | 1080p) / Up to 40 Photos Delivery in 3 Days of shoot date / 4 Hour Shoot – 3 revision only / In-person Interview

CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGE -(Minimum spend of £220.00): Select from the range of addons below to choose what’s right for you!




- Pre-Production: Have an in-house brief storyboard and/or script written up to organise and accuratelydeliver the video you want made!


- Production: Add a filming and photography stage to create the content for your video!


- Post-Production: Watch it all the hard work come together with your video edited up in house!


- Additional Editing & Photography: Get additional editsand Photosto maximise your content output! (15 secs, 30 sec, 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins, Extra photos)


- Delivery Time: Need the footage sooner? Choose a timeframe for an extra fee (Within 72 hours or less, Within 48 hours or less, Within 24 hours or less)


- Extra Crew: Get extra hands on your production! (Camera Operator, Producer, Presenter, Sound Recordist)


- Video Type: (Does not include Camera work, editing and Video length) All the video types below are additions on top of packages you have selected or created.

  • Testimonial: We’ll get one of your existingclients to talk about you and your business to show the world what you’ve done for them and how it’s helped them and their business out!
  • Vox Pops:We’ll grab people in and around your event or shooting location, mic them up and ask them pre-written questions about any topic you choose!
  • Instructional / Training Video:Show off your knowledge and create an educational video to teach others a valuable skillset.
  • Behind The Scenes: Tease the main video andgive theaudience an insider’s look intothe video we create.
  • Vlog: We’ll follow you and your team around for 8 hoursto give a look into your life on the job! This Includes editing of up to 1 minute of edited video.
  • Graphics / Explanation Animation: Get an Animated video based on the story or information you want to convey in your content. (this can be used as additional vision on top of any footage we capture or as its own complete animated video)

- Other Extras:


Subtitles & Captions: Add Subtitles and captions to make your video more accessible!


Logos | Titles | Branding & Lower Thirds–(No extra Cost): Provide us with your logo and we’ll add it at no extra cost to you!


Parallax: Add a cool visual effect applied to your photos that makes still pictures look like moving footage.


Raw Footage (Rushes) | Photos: all files provided on Dropboxor we can transfer onto a hard drive provided by you.


Transport: Need us to travel a distance to your shoot? We’ve got you covered.


Professional Voice Over: Get the movie trailer voice over your Video to give it that nice professional touch


Ratios: Get your video delivered in whatever aspect ratio you desire at no extra cost, commonly used ratios are as per below: | 1:1 | 16:9 | 4:3 | 4:5 | 9:16 | 2:1 |


Archiving Storing Footage: We’ll archive a copyofall footage captured during the production processfor the first month free, then if you want us to keep the footage after that please let us know