Delicious drinks, creative solutions, tasty bites and lots of magical smoke will ensure a true smile on the faces of your guests or clients as they take home an amazing memory.


Are you looking for something professional, modern, unique, tasty and luxurious (oh, and maybe a little bit alcoholic!) for your next event? If you want the best team and service we are the company for you. You may have just come across the perfect solution... With a huge selection of services and products we can provide the missing bit for your event.


Organic fruits, gluten free, fresh and high quality ingredients. Our chefs and mixologists know the better ingredients you use the better product you get. Luckily we don't just love coconut, avocado, ginger and many more fruits, herbs and spices, but we know how to use these healthy and delicious ingredients as well!


If you want to know what our Premium Cocktail service can provide to you and how to hire, please contact one of our event specialists by email, phone, or by submiting a request form on the website.