Lisa trained as an actor and worked in theatre, panto and a little TV before focusing on singing. She worked all around the UK in clubs, hotels and theatres and eventually began to work overseas, touring the European hot-spots, the Middle East and Malaysia.


The Gulf became home for 7 years, and she was a frequent act in the UAE, Bahrain and Oman before returning to the UK fulltime. Lisa is blessed with a versatile alto voice allowing her to sing across genres as a soloist, half of a duo, in a jazz quartet and as the front lady of a five - piece function band.


It’s always about quality music without gimmicks or lots of effect, and the variety of moving between these combinations means that I work in all sorts of venues and with all sorts of audiences. She's even performed at the wedding of a Saudi Princess.


The music is the most important aspect of what Lisa does, but the rapport with the audience is really important to me and she feels that within a short time she can judge the atmosphere of an event and pitch interaction appropriately, whether it’s a quiet and chilled occasion or a more vibrant and up-beat event.


Home is the terrific city of Liverpool, but Lisa still travels to the Gulf and is really happy to work wherever the job takes her. That’s all part of the fun!