Paul began his ascension to DJ royalty in 1989 as a resident DJ of Liverpool’s Baa Bar at only 18 years old. Following the eruption of the dance subculture in the early 90s, Paul’s popularity grew as he played at notable clubs across his native city of Liverpool, leading to the opportunity of a lifetime: in 1992 that Paul was asked to play a new and intimate night by co-founder of iconic club Nation, Darren Hughes.



As Paul’s career progressed, his acclaim grew and accolades mounted up – he has been included in DJ Mag’s top 100 and been crowned Muzik’s leading resident DJ. It was not long before Bleasdale and Oakenfold would take on the Cream Courtyard Arena to play legendary nights that are still remembered today. As the millennium came and went, and the club closed, Paul continued to tour the world under the Cream brand before taking some time out of the scene to pursue other creative endeavors.



With new branded tours in the pipeline and dates in the calendar across the UK over 2018 /19; we are seeing this house music visionary reinstate his position as a leader of the scene and a globally successful DJ