Cabarazz is Iris' cabaret and jazz fusion project come to life. Iris is a sensational vintage style performer who promises to take you on a musical journey to the glamorous decades of the past. Think of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Liza Minelli, Ella Fitzgerald and so on and be prepared to travel back in time!


From a laid-back lounge evening to an unforgettable one-woman show, Iris can transform your event with style and glamour. Her exciting show has travelled to Greece, Monaco, London and has been enjoyed by hundreds of guests at hotels, weddings, private events, and parties.


No matter your preferences, Cabarazz can fit your needs. You can hire this act as a solo singer with backing tracks, a pianist and singing duo, a full band, or an optional burlesque dancing act. The band consists of drums, double bass, piano, saxophone, trumpet, and vocals.


Ensuring that your entertainment is in good hands is a key for Evenses and our performers. Cabarazzis the perfect option to actually make this happen for your next event!