Bang Bang Burgers was established early summer 2019 whilst two friends sat van in the rain discussing street food in London. Jamie who is a consultant chef and Eddie, the man behind one of London’s most well-established street food vendors, Waffle On.


Bang Bang Burgers pride themselves on making everything from scratch, using the best suppliers possible and sourcing meat from a specialist dry ageing butchers in Yorkshire. All the meat hung for a minimum of 45 days and only from native breed beef from a small handful of farms specialising in this process.


Short rib, Chuck, brisket and cap with a generous amount of fat make up the signature blend used which gives the perfect balance of flavour whilst keeping the meat extra juicy. The bread comes from east London and each bun is individually crafted and glazed using no additives or raising agents. 


If these burgers sound good, you should taste them! Contact us at Evenses today to check the availability of the food stall and book them for your next event!