Give your party unique atmosphere with light, sound and a dance floor

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Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or wedding day, give your party a unique atmosphere with light, sound and a dance floor. There is always a reason to organize a popping party. Music is a must for every party, wedding or jubilee. No party is finished without dances on a dance floor followed by the right beats, positive atmosphere and your friends around. Hiring light and sound is then the perfect match. This gives your party a right atmosphere, especially when you’re renting a dance floor.

Everything is in perfect order for your party

Have you already thought about the music for your party? However, what about entertainment? No doubt that the essential part of every successful event is a DJ or band with a good show. To impress and pierce the audience with the vibrations, you have to think about the right technology: a sound set, a DJ set or a complete sound system. It is logical that you do not know which technique suits your party. Evenses is happy to help you organize your party or event.

Besides an artist, you can also hire the technology for lighting and sound. You can think of a complete sound system, DJ equipment, lighting, and disco lighting. When the right sound equipment and a light show is at your party, this adds to the atmosphere of your party. We would organize everything for you. A professional light and sound technician install all equipment. You can be sure that everything is in perfect order before your party starts.

Choice of various lighting and sound shows

As far as lighting and sound techniques are selected, you have a choice of options, such as:

  • Laser show
  • Luxury DJ show
  • Luxury lighting show
  • DJ booth
  • Mixing panels

A laser show

Are you organizing a big party or event? Then a laser show is an eye-catcher- an extra effect when a DJ or band performs. With a laser show performance, you have endless possibilities. From a live beam laser show to a pre-programmed customized show, additional animation and special effects would bring unforgettable moments to the audience. You can thus wholly adjust the laser show to your event. Be sure- we will endeavor that every guest remembers the celebration.

Luxury DJ show

With a luxury DJ show, you are guaranteed a good show, a perfect sound, and a beautiful light show. The luxury DJ show contains all the components for a fantastic party! A significant advantage of this show is that you had everything you wanted and needed in one package. Varieties are endless: an all-around party DJ, professional DJ and sound equipment, a LED DJ booth and an impressive light show with four additional spectacular light effects. You do not have to worry about anything anymore- enjoy your party. Don't forget; you have to have a little fun every day.

The memorable evening for your special guests

The party DJ ensures that all guests have an unforgettable evening. Since Evenses works with a team of several DJs, you always have the guarantee that the Luxe DJ show will stand out.

A LUXE DJ show fits every party

It does not matter whether you organize a large or a smaller party; the Luxe DJ show always is the best complimentary. The show can be adjusted in size and be used at any location. Whether it is in a community center, a chic castle, a party center or on a tour boat, the Luxe DJ Show have many prospects and is suitable for any party, wedding, birthday, anniversary, village party or company event.

Are you looking for some extras? Then a time comes to expand your horizons by adding atmospheric artists, such as a singer, saxophonist or an illuminated dance floor. How about a drummer or saxophonist who plays along with the DJ? Alternatively, a singer who sings between the DJ sets?

Get everyone dancing with an illuminated dance floor

Do you want to make sure that every guest finds pleasure in dancing at your party? An illuminated dance floor is the best solution. This is the ultimate atmosphere maker for your party. A dance floor with lighting is the perfect item to encourage your guests to dance. Additionally, the dance floor can be adapted to the theme of your party and the size of the party location. You have a more excellent choice of the following floors:

Disco illuminated dance floor

Do you want to organize a real celebration? Alternatively, do you want to make an exceptional themed party? A disco-lit dance floor is bringing an interactive element to your any party, event or company party. Dance floors can help attendees and guests feel magic moments of every light, music, and space.

Smart illuminated dance floor

With a bright LED dance floor, you make your party utterly extraordinary. The smart illuminated dance floor is 0,1 ft. high and can be wholly designed and transformed to every occasion into a unique party This allows the floor to adopt different colors and patterns. We offer this specific disco floor together with qualified personnel at a reasonable rate.

A special event for your guests- Deluxe service

With your imagination, theme ideas and logos, we would create a superior outstanding performance. A Deluxe illuminated dance floor brings your party an additional impression for the right theme. With this colorful dance floor you get all your guests in the party mood. The floor can display patterns, a company logo, video clips, images or different colors.

Premium illuminated dance floor

The premium dance floor is incredibly cathartic for your party or wedding. This floor has numerous possibilities and has 25 bright LED spots that take on various colors. Before you pass up on this incredible opportunity, think about your wildest dreams- the most beautiful patterns and affects you could ever think of- it’s all about the dance floor.

Exclusive illuminated dance floor with pixels

All your guests would be impressed by the exclusive illuminated dance floor with pixels. You can choose all the colors, images and patterns you want. Besides, the modifications are very different and bright. The exclusive dance floor is the most comprehensive and advanced option. It is a beautiful disco floor that displays every color, every shape, every pattern, and image. Surprise, amuse and work your magic on your guests- make an excellent impression.

Rent an illuminated dance floor?

Do you want to rent an illuminated dance floor for your party or event? Then it is delivered and installed on time by a professional technician. The floor will be picked up again the next day. So you do not have to do anything yourself and can fully enjoy your party!

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