5 tips for making your reception a huge success!

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Are you organizing a reception for a wedding, anniversary, or Gala?

Then, of course, you want to make it a great success. The first step is to start with proper preparation. Once you have selected a date, the real work begins. However, what do you need to take into account? What is your starting point? What do you have to pay attention to? And how do you make your reception the best party of your life? We give you the five tips.​​

What is necessary to know before planning your reception? Two things should be considered: determining the budget and choosing a suitable location.​​

Determine the budget

The first thing to bear in mind is to set the budget. By keeping your budget, you avoid a financial setback. Even with a smaller budget, it is possible to organize a stylish reception. Check out more information on our website and contact one of our event managers to find more about the possibilities.

Find a suitable location

Not only determining the budget is vital, but also finding an appropriate place. The perfect and beautiful would fill in the reception. The location is the most crucial element of your special day. An incredible atmosphere filled with happiness, magic and joy all depends on the location of the reception. When choosing a place, make sure you consider a number of things, such as accessibility, parking, the capacity of the space, the accessibility of the area and the facilities. Are there enough toilets, for example? Alternatively, does the room have audio-visual support? Once you have found a location, you can really start planning the reception

Tip 1. Provide a fancy decoration

With the right decoration, you give the location an atmospheric look that fits perfectly with your reception. Think carefully about the atmosphere you want to convey. Are you looking for a romantic atmosphere? Or you prefer a casual wedding instead? Do you want to decorate the location in a specific theme, such as the fifties, flower power or the nineties? With a suitable decoration, you make your reception even more memorable. Besides, the decoration can be useful in showing your guests the way to go. What about placing decorated signs or a LED dance floor? It does not matter what you choose; the details make the difference. We can give you some ideas:

The lighting is also a part of the decoration. Make sure it is atmospheric and avoid bright fluorescent lighting.

Bring your guests together with a number of cosy seating areas.

Cover the walls with striking information boards, posters or canvases.

Flowers always a good choice for decorating reception. Place small books on the (standing) tables.

Surprise your guests with an act, such as a photo booth. This ensures much fun.

At Evenses you can rent various entertainment possibilities, such as Mime artist Valentino, Diva Hollie, or a crazy waitress.

Tip 2. A warm reception

A successful event starts at the reception. This moment sets the mood for the rest of the day. It is therefore essential that your guests receive a warm welcome at the door. With one or more hostesses at the entrance, the mood of your guests cannot be ruined. A friendly hostess gives your guests a good feeling and a positive impression. She is also the best advisor at your reception: she can tell your guests where the wardrobe is, in which room the reception is and where they can get drinks.

Tip 3. An unforgettable souvenir

Of course, you want your reception to be unforgettable for you and your guests. A guestbook comes in handy, but an even nicer reminder from your reception is a video guestbook. This allows each guest to make a personal, short and funny video to congratulate you. You can still watch the films years later. Or how about giving your guests a nice souvenir of your party? This can be done with the help of a photo booth where every guest can have a funny photo printed and saved. An alternative and very original option are personalised photo magnets, which are the perfect souvenir for every guest.

Tip 4. A tasty catering

The catering can make or ruin a party. Your guests all want something to eat and drink. You can think of a banquet, but also of something more original. At Evenses you can select and book your catering options, and nothing is too crazy. How about a cheerfully coloured cocktail bar, a 3D candy printer, or an ice cream bar? Feel free to contact one of our employees to discuss the options. They ensure that your reception is fully arranged according to your wishes.

Tip 5. Impressive entertainment

Music and entertainment play an important role at your reception. The success of a party falls or stands with the band, DJ or singer (es). Evenses works with professional artists who can provide various kinds of performances. Before you choose an artist or band, think carefully about what type of music you want at your reception. Do you prefer quiet background music? Do you want party music? Do you opt for a merry Latin band? Or book a musician who provides instrumental music instead? At Evenses, everything is possible. View the selection on our music page and book a band, musician (s) or DJ that meets your music needs.

Time for dances!

If you want to have even more exceptional, original and personal reception, you can think of a LED-lit dance floor. This is the perfect accessory to encourage your guests to dance. They will be guaranteed with their feet on the floor.

The LED illuminated dance floors are available in different models. The great selection from an illuminated disco floor, an illuminated dance floor with patterns to an illuminated dance floor with pixels and much more. It is even possible to choose a pattern yourself, such as your names or your company logo.

Do not have enough time to organize a reception? Or do you not know how to handle the organisation? Then we are ready for you. At Evenses you can book different packages, such as a business package or a wedding package – so you won’t miss such a great possibility. With our help, your reception or party will be arranged at once by an experienced event manager. Want to know more about the options that Evenses offers you? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to advise, assist and talk to you. You can contact us by telephone or by e-mail. It’s time to do our best for your amazing, spectacular and magnificent celebration!

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