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Berget Lewis, known as one of the Ladies of Soul, can now be booked at Evenses. She has performed with several successful artists. Berget has been voted the “best female singer of the Netherlands”. As one of the five leading ladies of the 'Ladies of Soul’, she stands out on stage with her powerful voice. She is one of the greatest artists, and she enchanted her audience, during her highly successful theatre tours.


Berget worked in the first four months of 2013 in London, with producer Andreas Olsson (and with others including Jason Mraz, Mary J. Blige and James Morrison) and band The Suppliers. It led to an album with eleven innervating songs, in which she shares her feelings about the deep valleys and high peaks that characterized her life. Like many other great singers, Berget also found her voice in the Church choir, where she sang gospel when she was young. It was a great start, as she toured America with a gospel choir at the age of fifteen. In the late nineties, she founded her group Berget Lewis Gospel Train where she celebrated furore all over the country. Her career really took off when she joined Total Touch, after which her breakthrough did not take long. At the beginning of 2007, she released 'Deeper Love', a dance track, that came out in seventeen countries. When she and Edwin Evers put out the TV program 'Just the Two Of Us' that same year, she was instantly known and loved by the general public. Her debut album 'Finally' was then enthusiastically received.


Standing on the stage is just one part of Berget's rich life in music. She is also an excellent songwriter and a studio animal, who gets the best out of herself and her fellow musicians. After years of musical and personal development, working with inspiring musicians and enjoying ever-increasing success, her new album 'Berget Lewis' is exactly, where she has always wanted to be. She writes, composes and sings the music she wants, songs straight from her heart, music that shows what the singer, performer and songwriter Berget Lewis stands for. "I sing differently, my music is different, you see a completely new Berget", the singer explains regarding her surprising musical rebirth. "This album actually represents everything, who I was and who I am now. This is just right, this is how I feel. "


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