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The 5 reasons why a party band suits you

It comes as no surprise you want your event to be a banging party: the best celebration to talk about for a long time. How to make an outstanding impression? The answer is simple- by booking a party band. Whether you are organising a wedding, anniversary, birthday party or company party, a party band is a right choice for any party. Check out the following 5 reasons:

1. A party band: festive atmosphere

A professional and decent party band always feels vibes and atmosphere at the party at first. Then, they communicate emotions by expressing their feelings. You can be assured that the positive vibrations delivered to you will be joyful, colourful and vivid. No one denies, such charmed and delighted dynamics suit every occasion. Our bands instantly spread a festive atmosphere and make the audience enthusiastic.

Are you excited? Then take a look at some promo material, demos and pictures of the bands on the website. You would never imagine, even in your wildest dreams, how these bands perform.

2. A party band: no age limit

A party band is a renowned original unit with an extended and diverse repertoire, comprising top hits of golden years, famous pop songs and best 80s and 90s songs. In other words, music the band plays suit all ages. Indeed, a party band fits perfectly at a party with diverse listeners- a better mix than usual. Elderly people enjoy singing and dancing on the golden oldies, while young people get loose on the hits of today. For sure, all of them sings along with the well-known English sing-along songs.

3. A party band: the big boost to mood

The musicians of a party band know exactly how to brighten up, letting every single one take part and enthusiastically sing along. With a party band at your event, wedding or celebration, you make all your  guests satisfied.

4. A party band:  no one can’t stand

Not everyone has an easygoing personality. Some people instead prefer to stand aside than to storm the dance floor. However, we know what to do- we have lots of musical tricks to get the things hopping. They can't resist a big entrance, even the most cynical and shy person would fall under bands’ spell.

5. A party band: a memorable performance and unforgettable memories

It’s an exceptional beauty to have a party band performing! Not everyone gets a party band at his or her party, birthday or jubilee. The party or cover band presence at any occasion adds a unique value to your celebration.

Thanks to a party band, all your guests would never forget that evening. We will make sure that the guests would talk about it months or years later!

Our selection of live party bands is a perfect fit for your event, birthday, wedding or celebration

Are you already convinced that a party band is the best choice for your party? Evenses Entertainment has a wide range of party bands and cover bands, such as The Jungles, The Heat Waves, The Vintage Bluebirds, The Sleek Beats, The Fallen Angels - A Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and New Weekend.

The Jungles

The 3 piece band play covers has become extremely all-around bands covering a wide range of music. Nothing is impossible for this popular and well-known band. Do you give the eighties or nineties party? Then this acoustic band goes for the heart of all ages: old and new songs, funk, blues, rock`n`roll, country. Is it a party for all generations? Then our electric band will go for golden oldies and hits from now on. Be sure; your party will be exceptional with the Jungles!

The Heat Waves

The Heat Waves are famous for its repertoire and a new feel of great music! This functions band, playing hits from the 50’s and 60’s right through to modern pop and rock. The Heat Waves band guaranteed a perfect and unforgettable birthday party, wedding or corporate event. This all-around cover band invites you to experience a nice mix of the best and most famous songs. From hits of 21 centuries to disco, rock and dance classics. The musicians have made their passion their profession, and that can be seen and heard. The Heat Waves performs a very high level that is truly unforgettable.​

The Vintage Bluebirds

The Vintage Bluebirds cover band specialises in the 1940s "Andrews Sisters" style, let this vintage trio light up your event. The three girls also incorporate choreography into their performances and can fully entertain audiences of all sizes and ages. And all that in one evening! The Vintage Bluebirds assures the best presentation of any kind of party. With their unbridled energy and passion, the 3-piece band would steal your hearts. ​

The Sleek Beats

The Sleek Beats cover band plays the biggest hit at your wedding party, anniversary, company party or birthday. They promise that you and your guests dancing all night. Fresh and funky all-around male and female band is full of swinging rhythms, infectious beats and enthusiasm. Their extensive repertoire of different musical styles and loved tracks from Taylor Swift, to Beyoncé, Rihanna to Scissor Sisters and One Republic to Kings of Leon would bring an unforgettable sensation that people will remember on your special day. ​

The Fallen Angels - A Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Are you looking for a cover band that gives a spectacular performance? Then our nicely dressed in iconic red jackets band is highly recommended. This all-around cover band performs the perfect tribute to the great Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, including all the classic hits and more! Our boys have an extensive repertoire and always came fully prepared and great to work with. The show is versatile, and several options are available to the client who can choose which package will suit their event best, including a live band.​

New Weekend

New Weekend is a highly innovative party band consisting of some of London's top musicians and is completely versatile to perform at every event. They are available from a solo piece right up to a full band of 12 members; anything goes when it comes to the client's preferences. With years of proficiently, they have a great mix and match of instruments, singers and DJ services.​

What about DJs?

Would you like the breaks between the sets to be filled? Then you have a possibility to book a DJ. Our range of professional DJs will keep your audience warm at all times. With our event agency, you are sure that guests enjoy every single moment of your day!

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