Want to hire a DJ? With these 12 tips you will find the best DJ for your party

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Want to organize a great party?

Hiring a DJ is a great idea. A DJ plays for the guests and will ensure they stay on the dancefloor. In recent years we have provided many DJs for parties. We know precisely what to look for when hiring a DJ and we share our tips with you.

Book an experienced DJ

You probably know someone in your neighbourhood, who plays music as a hobby and wants to provide the music for your party. From experience, we know that doesn’t usually end well. The DJ could be unprofessional or just play his favourite songs, which will affect the vibe of your corporate event or wedding day. Nobody will dance, and your guests will leave early, completely ruining your private event or your special day. We advise you to book a professional DJ. Read reviews from other customers, visit the DJ’s website and view his social media pages. Consider hiring a professional and experienced DJ for your wedding at Evenses. We will guarantee you the best day with our wedding DJ.

Choose a DJ that fits your party

Select a DJ who plays music that fits your guests and the party. This is a crucial element in organing any event. Most DJs specialize in different genres; the eighties, nineties, pop, alternative music, lounge, disco and dance classics. Hire a DJ who knows how to mix different music styles, such as an all-around DJ or disco DJ.

Meet the DJ beforehand

Have you already found a DJ that seems suitable for your party? Make an appointment to meet with him. You can then talk about your requirements and exchange ideas. The DJ can make or break your party, so you need to know what and how he’s going to play. Watch some DJ’s demos and see how he interacts with his guests.


The DJ can only give a good show if they have the proper equipment, such as lighting, sound equipment and a DJ booth. Most DJs have their own equipment and arrange their own lighting, sound and DJ booth. However, the event agency can also provide the equipment, which saves you a lot of work and time. This only works if you have the right technology, such as a sound set, a DJ set or a complete sound system. It’s okay if you do not know which technology suits your party. Evenses is happy to help you organise your party or event.

Assured of a professional show

Some DJs might only have a small DJ booth, while others have a complete sound system. Be aware of the venue’s size and location and sound system DJ provides. When you book a DJ at Evenses, you are assured of a professional and entertaining show. We personally and carefully select all our DJs. Each deejay is an experienced and accomplished entertainer. Our deejays have already provided a show in many locations. From a party at a chic castle to a tour boat or a party centre. Thanks to our flexibility, the DJ Show can be adapted to the size of the location and the party. Of course, we do this entirely to your wishes. You can further expand the DJ Show with extras such as a saxophonist, a singer or an illuminated dance floor.

Make clear price arrangements

Take into consideration DJs’ price range. You can book a DJ for the entire night for 500 pounds, but another one may cost you 1000 pounds only for one or two hours. It depends on the type of event and your budget. For most parties, such as a company party, wedding or birthday party, a mobile DJ is often the best option with a price range of between 450 and 850 including the standard DJ equipment. Please note: the price for a DJ show also includes the travel cost, the duration of the party and the equipment for hire. There are DJs for hire who charge a different price for everything, which can lead to unexpected costs. Evenses gives an all-inclusive price so that you won’t encounter any surprises.

Ensure a replacement is available

It is possible that something unexpected will come up and the DJ will be unable to make the show. Having a spare DJ available is important, but for most DJs, it’s not offered. However, our agency has an extensive network of excellent, experienced musicians and DJs and for all unexpected cancellations, we will immediately arrange a new DJ or musician. You are guaranteed a successful party, no matter what had happened.

Book in advance

Ensure you book your DJ well in advance as many celebrations and festivals are held during the spring and summer. Most DJs are booked during that period. Ensure your favourite DJ is available for your event. Especially for your big day!

Inform the venue about your DJ

Make the party venue aware that there will be a DJ at your party or wedding day. Find out about the noise limit, so you don’t have to worry about any complaints. Also, check that the equipment can be easily loaded and unloaded.

Make a list of your favourite songs

The DJ obviously won’t know which songs you and your guests love and expect. Make sure to create a playlist of songs you want to hear at your party.

Consider extra features

There are many additional options available when hiring a DJ. Depending on the type of your party and budget, there are many good options available. Consider the following suggestions:

A DJ with a singer(s)

A DJ and a band

A DJ with a musician, such as a saxophonist, guitarist or trumpet player

A DJ VJ show

An illuminated dance floor

A mobile DJ

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