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Practical information when booking

Thank you for booking with Evenses UK! We try to make it as easy as possible for you, but it is useful to take the following practical points into account:

Bands, DJs, & Musicians

Build time
The entertainment often needs time to set up their equipment. For bands and larger technical productions, this is approximately 1-3 hours. For smaller-scale entertainment this is usually 30 minutes. Of course we arrange the construction of the entertainment's equipment according to the information given to us by the customer, venue, and supplier themselves.

Sound check
When booking a musical act it is important that the musicians and DJs adjust the sound levels properly. A sound check makes the audio set up to standards and is essential for a quality performance. With DJs and soloists, this is usually arranged fairly quickly. Please note that with bands this can take about an hour. We therefore advise against planning dinners, speeches, and other social activities at the same time as the sound check.

Waiting time
Do you have a schedule where the booked entertainment must be present to set up earlier? No problem! We can always arrange this during the booking process. Please note that if the booked entertainment has to be present earlier or must have their setup built early, this may result in additional costs because the artists have to relocate or cancel other activities for this.

If the performance lasts longer than two hours, Evenses requires a simple and nutritious meal for its artists. The artist (s) have already had a travel time, build-up / sound check before the start of the performance and as a result, they surely have not had a chance to sit down and eat.

The food does not have to be chic, but it is extremely important that the meals are healthy and served on time. In case it is not possible to prepare a meal on location, it is also possible to order something for the artists. By a healthy meal we do NOT mean: fatty frying, takeaway Chinese, snacks, microwave meals, other types of junk food or soup with bread.

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Play times & break music
For bands, the times of their performances are broken into 'sets'. A set consists of approx 45 minutes per hour. Between the breaks, typically appropriate music is provided by the band or artist.

Request numbers
If you would like the artist(s) to take song requests, then it is always important to acknowledge this desire ahead of time. If the songs do not appear in the artist's fixed repertoire, it is possible that they will prepare and rehearse it in advance if asked. In some cases, a small fee may be requested for the requests as some artists need to take time to learn a new song on a piano or guitar.

For DJs, request numbers are no problem at all, you can even send a request list up to 100 request numbers in advance, we will ensure that all your favorite hits are included.

Contact with the artist
Evenses will take care of the entire preliminary process for your booking and will also put you in contact with the booked artist in advance. You can then discuss the event and the details of the performance with the artist. In principle we do this one to two weeks in advance so that you have time to make your necessary remarks or requests.

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