With this chip shop, you will have delicious, durable fresh fries and snacks at all your events and parties! The chip shop has a baking capacity of 1000 portions/fries per hour. This allows you to treat numerous guests with fries or snacks.

This food truck is eco-friendly. The frying oil is reused as fuel by the green power station and the fries are placed in a cone of eco-paper. The chip shop is also equipped with high-efficiency deep-frying ovens that work on green grass. There are countless reasons to enjoy this chip shop! In addition to fries and snacks, the stall can also make appetizers and very delicious hamburgers.

Would you like to book this trendy, eco-friendly chip shop for your festival, birthday or party? This French fries stall can be booked through Evenses for your company party or anniversary party. Fill out the quotation form or contact us with no obligation. We are ready 7 days a week to answer all your questions.