What was the occasion of your party?

Every year we have a Christmas drink with all the staff. This year I had organised a Christmas dinner for everyone. We were looking for live music for the reception and Christmas dinner itself. At first, we were thinking of a singing trio (close harmony-like). What were your wishes for the party? For us, it was important that the guests could enjoy the music, but at the same time also chat with each other. That was the idea for the dinner, catching up with colleagues you hadn't spoken to for a long time. We also wanted it to really radiate Christmas, the dinner had to be a Christmas dinner because of the music.

Have your wishes come true?

Yes, definitely! We had first requested another act at Evenses, but unfortunately, they were no longer available. Then we got the proposal with Miss Blue and her guitarist. I had presented it to my colleagues and the same day we were out. What a voice, a really great singer. It was a real pleasure to listen to.

How did you experience contact with Evenses?

My experience with Evenses is very positive. An alternative was well thought out. Because of Evenses, you don't really have anything to worry about, everything is arranged for you. I can really recommend Evenses and certainly Miss Blue to everyone.

Would you approach Evenses again in the future?

If we are going to organise another thing that we need entertainment with, I will definitely approach Evenses again.

How does Miss Blue look back on Christmas dinner?

Evenses had booked me with my regular guitarist for a Christmas drink. Because I really love Christmas songs I was really looking forward to this performance! When we got to the location it was really beautiful, which is always so nice of performing; you don't know where you end up. Everything was neatly arranged and the drink was nice and busy. Our Christmas songs immediately created a Christmas atmosphere; it was very cosy and some songs were even sung a bit along!

How does Angelo look back on Christmas dinner?

December is a busy month and there are daily requests for live music. Unfortunately, Sandra's first choice was no longer available. It was a nice challenge for me to find a substitute that she was just as excited about. I was convinced that Miss Blue would be very popular with her voice and her Christmas repertoire. But from 4 ladies in a close harmony setting to a singer accompanied by her guitarist is something else. Luckily, they found Miss Blue who turned out to be the perfect alternative. That same day, we had already arranged and booked everything.

I hope that if another event pops up in the future, Wepublic will not hesitate to reach out to us again. Hopefully, I can help them as well as I can this time.