PWC's Annual Christmas Party

This is how PWC's annual Christmas party went.

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What was the occasion of your party?

Around Christmas, we have an annual party with the department within PWC. Normally we do this with a sit-down dinner, which we then end with a party. Because the party after dinner is quite short, this year we decided to start the party from 20.00. I contacted Evenses about this new setup of the party. I discussed with them how to go about this and which acts and artists best suit this.

What were your wishes for the party?

It was really important to us that the staff would have a nice dance party. Our colleagues spend a lot of time with customers so we don't see each other much. We wanted to create a pleasant evening together. To amp the atmosphere up a bit, we went for a themed party with the theme 'Hollywood'. Our experience is that this is a good icebreaker. All in all, the employees enjoyed getting into their outfits.

What else did you do to make it a great dance party?

Because the evening immediately started with the party, we wanted the party to get going quickly. In consultation with Evenses, we chose to start the evening with an opening act. Together we brainstormed about what kind of act would fit in well with this. In the end, we opted for a Marilyn Monroe act with a live pianist. This fit very well with the theme we selected. It was a real hit! So, everyone was right on and around the dance floor.

How did you fill out the rest of the night?

For the evening program, we chose to book a DJ. The DJ played songs from different styles and time periods. This was a good fit for our party because we have employees from different age classes. After the opening act, he took over well and made it a fun dance party. By the way, we also booked a photo booth through Evenses. This was a great success, there was a big queue in front of the booth and we could all go home with a nice memory from it.

How did you end up with Evenses?

Within our team there was an employee who knew Evenses and had good experiences with them. She had been to a party where the DJ from Evenses played and she liked it very much. He's been to a party of ours twice now, and we totally agree with this.

How did you experience contact with evenses?

Very positive, Evenses reacted quickly and were always willing to think along. I liked this very much, so I was not alone with the planning of the party. They also sent out all the details to the artists and matched us well. Everyone knew where it was, this gave us a lot of confidence.

Have your wishes come true?

Yes, we had a very nice party that started right away and where we enjoyed dancing. The preparation went well. The organisation started with an idea and together we came to a nice conclusion with the opening act, DJ and photo booth..

Would you approach Evenses again in the future?

This was the third time we have worked with Evenses and I am definitely going to approach them again for the next edition of our annual festival!

How does the Marilyn Monroe act look back at the party?

We have been working with Evenses for a number of years now with our act The Piano Man. Evenses has booked us at many different parties and we always do this with great pleasure. Before this party I had contact with Bas about the Hollywood theme. This gave me the idea to connect with a singer we regularly work with. She has a very strong Marilyn Monroe act that would go perfectly with this. We put this down to Bas and sent video footage. It's great that the customer chose this! The Piano Man started playing at the entrance for the guests. He played beautiful background music in the theme of Hollywood. The moment all the guests were there, the singer joined in and we performed the opening act. This was a very cool thing to do. The group came to the dance floor and it became a real party!

How does Bas from Evenses look back at the party?

The preliminary stage was very nice. The request was to organise an office party with Hollywood as a theme. It makes my work extra fun when we look for the best solutions for this together. The Marilyn Monroe act is not a general act that we offer on the site. In consultation with PWC, the team here and our artists, we finally came to this decision. The dialogue was open so we quickly came to well-fitting entertainment. In a previous party DJ  Maxiumuss already appeared to fit the company party of PWC very well. That's why we chose to reinstate him. This time he also modified his set to the theme. A photo booth is always a nice extra at a party. Guests, especially in the later hours, always like to take pictures with each other. It's nice that they chose to book it. I hope to hear from PWC again soon with another themed party. I look forward to helping them make it a fun party again!

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