Do you want an international burlesque star at your event, exhibition, festival or party? It is possible with us! We offer the best and most fun burlesque dancer for any occasion. The burlesque dancer adds a glamorous and luxurious look to your event. The dancer’s costumes are designed specifically for each show.


When booking the burlesque dancer there are several options:


Fan Dance
The classic blue goose bird feathers dress is used, an iconic burlesque act. 


Marilyn Monroe
It can used to welcome your guests or forpictures; the dancer is a real Marilyn Monroe lookalike.


Shadow Dance Keyhole
Here it is like peeking through a keyhole, the burlesque dancer undresses to a special evening.


Gentle Lady

The dancer, slowly and with a hint of magic, removes her costume in combination with a fan dance.


Champagne glass act

Here, the burlesque dancer does a strip show followed by a bath in a huge champagne or martini glass. 


Hosting from champagne glass

Welcome your guests with a burlesque dancer standing in a huge champagne or Martini glass. 


If you book a burlesque dancer, a dressing room is required. The burlesque dancer takes her own music and your location should therefore have a stereo that works.


Would you like to book a burlesque dancer for your party, wedding or corporate event? Request a quote with no obligation at Evenses. If you have questions, please contact us via e-mail, text or by phone.