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South American Swing

South American Swing South American Swing provides impressive, Latin and jazz music for you!
6 690,-
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"I am in love with traditional South American music. I booked this band for my 50th birthday. They did a really great performance and met all my expectations, highly recommended!"
Gertrud & Jesper
"For our 10th anniversary business party, we invited this band to play for us. Fantastic, their performance cannot be even described! Thanks for the pleasant atmosphere for the entire day! "
"They arrived just in time to play beautiful, warm summer music during our wedding. We were so pleased and we will never forget this day, thanks guys!! "
Dian & Lisa Breeman

South American Swing

The South American Swing quintet plays nice, summery, South American music like Brazilian samba, Argentine and Peruvian folklore, Cuban bolero and so on. 


The quintet originated at the Rotterdam Conservatory and consists of a group of musicians with a passion for Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and world Music. The quintet plays Latin music in their own arrangement and thereby mix influences from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Cuba. A special program of warm summer grooves and exotic sounds for both background music and dance music. They are suitable for your party, wedding, reception, dinner, ceremony or event.


This Latin jazz quintet have played on many different stages in several countries. They have played at the Rotterdam Schouwburg, De Doelen, The Courtyard and performed at festivals such as North Sea Jazz and World Music Festival in Guangzhou. If you want a reduced formation for your occasion, the band has a competitive trio price.


Do you want to book the South American Swing for your birthday party, wedding ceremony, reception or company party? Please contact us with no obligation or request an instant quote for a South American Swing!




  • Drume Negrita (Cuba)
  • Santa Madre (Cuba)
  • Maria Mulata (Peru)
  • Detrás de la puerta (Colombia)
  • Bésame Mucho (Cuba)
  • Piedra y Camino (Argentina)
  • Arenosa (Argentina)
  • Recuerdos de Ayer (Argentina)
  • Tuyo - Narcos (Cuba)
  • Flor de Lis (Brazil)
  • Lua (Cabo Verde)
  • Tempestade (Brazil)
  • Amarados (Argentina)
  • Kenha ki ben ki ta bai (Cabo Verde)
  • Pario la Luna (Colombia)
  • Le dije a papa (Peru)
  • Negra Presuntuosa (Peru)
  • Veinte Años (Cuba)