5 Reasons to have a DJ and singer at your party!

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You know your party is going well, when everyone is on the dance floor. But how do you get all your guests to dance? By hiring a DJ and singer for your party. Here are five reasons to book this duo for your party.

1. Create an even better vibe with live music

During the DJ performance, you will not only enjoy the good songs played, but you will also enjoy the beautiful voice of the singer. It is fantastic when famous pop songs are sung live. This creates an even better atmosphere at your party.

2. Set the pace for your party

DJ and singer duo give the best live feel to your party. With the catchy music and beautiful voice of the singer(s), this duo ensures the dance floor is full all night. This interactive show keeps your guests in the great mood for the entire night.

3. The perfect live performance

A DJ and singer are the perfect combination. Popular hits are combined to give an energetic, full performance. Many combinations are possible; a pop song can be performed with an edgy sound or a soft song can be performed in a way to make you dance. Thanks to their many options, the DJ & singer(s)can provide the perfect live performance for your party.

4. Good Impression

The DJ’s excellent music choice and the singers’ beautiful voice will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. They will talk about this performance for a long time to come.

5. Musical tailored to your preferences

The DJ and singer(s) will perform your favorite songs for your guests. The music will be tailored to your personal preference, making the performances perfect for you and your guests. You will also be able to make requests on the day.

Choice of swinging acts

Do you want energetic musicians for your party? You have a large number of swinging acts to book from at Evenses. These acts are personally selected by us, based on appeal and experience:

  • DJ & female singer
  • Simon Gars
  • Soul Percussive
  • Samantha DJ & percussion
  • DJ & saxophonist

All-around DJ with singer

Would you like to hire an all-around DJ for your party, wedding or event? You can hire a (female) singer to perform alongside the DJ. Evenses will put together that package for you. The top act is the pacemaker for your party. The singers who perform with the all-around DJ are great performers. They always give an excellent performance and leave your guests with an unforgettable night. We always select a singer who fits your party well.

Simon Gars

Simon is able to provide a wide range of shows due to his many years of experience. He gives you the ultimate club feel at home. Spanning over 35 years of live performing experience Simon has been able to put together a number of shows including;

saxophone instrumental sets,

singing/saxophone sets,


He has a selection of songs played beautifully on piano along with vocals. This set is ideally suited to a wedding breakfast style environment.  Depending upon the requirements of the client he can tailor his sets accordingly to suit specific tastes. Simon has a very powerful lead vocal with both depth and quality making it easy to cover a range of genres. It will be impossible to stand still, thanks to their excellent performance. Everyone will run to the dancefloor, as soon as the performance begins. DJ Simon plays his songs from his DJ booth with a vibrant light show and saxophone/piano accompanied. Instead of the light show, you can choose a LED wall, which will have images and flashing lights projected on it.

Soul Percussive

Soul Percussive is an excellent act for any party. The DJ and live musicians play both house and swinging pop songs, known as relaxing lounge music. The DJ plays these songs with the best live music as the singer, saxophone and percussion is the best addition. The Brazilian, Latin and African rhythms played by the musicians, keep everyone dancing all night. Soul Percussive is a great act for your party. The professional DJ spins the best beats and the percussionist, saxophonist and singer, perform together. Several artists can be added to this act. This is an interactive performance, as the musicians walk through the audience during the performance, which causes a lot of enthusiastic responses.

Samantha DJ & percussion

A special addition for your party is our live DJ Percussionist Samantha! She is able to provide a unique service with a diverse range of live performance and session work behind her. She gives a spectacular performance by providing a percussionist and DJ live show, playing as a solo act alongside professionally recorded backing tracks. Samantha’s set up combines acoustic and electric percussion which will really get the party started and wow your guests. You'll dance into the early hours to all the different rhythms and grooves and your guests will be left impressed. ​

DJ & saxophonist

It is very important for everyone to just let loose and enjoy themselves during any type of corporate event, whether it is a Christmas party, theme night or any type of corporate social event. No matter what is the occasion, our DJ is ready to get your employees, co-workers and friends on the dance floor having the most incredible time. He is master in his field and that can motivate your audience with class, style, sophistication and most importantly…great music!  ​

Illuminated dance floor

In a swinging performance with a DJ and singer(s), you will need a dance floor. Evenses offers the best options for a disco dance floor. A lighted dance floor creates the right mood your party. You can adjust it to your needs, whether it is a party with a disco theme, a wedding or a club party, a suitable dance floor can be rented from us. All our lighted dance floors are of the highest quality and your guests will be able to dance comfortably. Evenses offers four different types of dance floors to choose from; you can choose a dance floor with disco lights, smart lighting, deluxe lighting or premium lighting. The dance floor is provided in multiples of one square meter, you indicate how many square meters you need, so you never pay for more than you need.

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