Surprise your guests with something they have never experienced before. 5 exclusive acts for you!


Party planning is a structured process that takes time, creativity and ability to handle the stress and emotions — so many things to keep in mind when organising a party. Carefully defined steps should keep you on track when choosing the location, times, catering, service, invitations, etc. Indeed, it is crucial to settle all those essentials for your party, wedding or event. We don’t want to go into details with the planning checker, but we are keen to share with you our unique acts that would surprise your guests with something they have never experienced before! Entertainment ideas for your wedding or party are of course of great importance to ensure that a party runs smoothly and everyone is excited on the dance floor!

Well, it not the easiest process either, as you have to arrange the right acts that suit you and your quests. We want you to have the best entertainment for your party which is why we advise you to choose something that people are not yet familiar with. Due to the wide variety within the range, it is possible to surprise guests or visitors with something they have never had before, something different, unique and exclusive.

You may be holding a party for someone specifically for a birthday, for a couple for engagement, for a family moving away and if you want to be ensured of your surprise act, we have prepared a top 5 of events for you that we think is a good start to just to gain inspiration or make a choice!

Check out our 5 breathtaking acts for your party, event, conference or wedding!

Air Wings: Dance show, Acrobatics

A spectacular aerial hoop performance for any occasion. Fly with them!

Professional dancer Fiona and Commonwealth Games Circus Graduate Cory, merge the worlds of dance and acrobatics with performances that enthral and excite. Having strong professional performance background in shows in the UK and internationally, they create breathtaking aerial routines that have impressed audiences in cabarets, weddings, events and festivals across the world. A combination of grace, style & gravity-defying agility will inspire your guests. Girls tailor the act to every event to make sure bringing something unique each time, and so that the event is always happy.

Check & book our acrobatics show! Don't miss a chance to disappear into thin air!

Ruby Burlesque: Dance show, A Burlesque star

Our stunning lady will create a special bespoke performance whatever your needs are!

Are you willing to have a breath-taking performance? Then, you have to bear her in mind. Our Ruby is a highly-respected cabaret artiste, with a wealth of experience in performing and producing burlesque shows throughout the UK and Europe for the last ten years. Whatever your needs are, be it a corporate event, wedding, festival, intimate dinner party, cabaret club or film, she has six different packages for any entertainment; Art Deco, Green Fan Dance, Retro Showgirl, Rose Art, Blue Rose, Be a Lady. For Great Gatsby/Prohibition events, we would highly recommend Rose Art, Blue Rose, Art Deco. Green Fan Dance, Be A Lady and the most fabulous- Retro Showgirl is perfect for James Bond/Vegas themes/casinos.

Select your favourite act by our stunning Ruby and be ready for an exciting and fabulous burlesque show! Check out the promo material for each package and hire our respectable burlesque dancer for your party or event.

New Weekend: luxury showband

With both experience and the technique, have whatever you want at your event with this incredible band! Consisting of the best London's top musicians, the band is entirely versatile in order to perform at every event.

With years of experience combined throughout the UK and abroad, they are available to book as a solo piece right up to a full band of 12 members; anything goes when it comes to the client's wishes. New Weekend are also happy to take bookings for a mix and match of instruments, singers and DJ services: a twist on party favourites, recent hits and old classics. These great voices, ranges and tones allow the band to perform brilliant interpretations of all songs! New Weekend is now ready for their best performance at your event. Hire a cover band for any occasion!

RoboThespian for Conferences & Events: Actor, Presenter, Dance show

Organising a corporate event and thinking of something truly unique? Then, you need to have a fabulous humanoid acting robot is now available for any kind of entertainment! The ultimate acting humanoid designed for human interaction in a public environment. The first and most iconic robot!

Featuring an incredibly expressive range of movements and emotions, he is the perfect talking robot. The charming and elegant design is perfectly balanced and amazes wherever he travels. He is at home as an entertainer, salesman, an actor in a film or theatre or as a teacher. Just set him up and watch him go. RoboThespian can be animated on the fly, or ahead of time. He can also be inhabited remotely, making him the ultimate telepresence device.

This humanoid acting robot was designed, developed, engineered and programmed for use in entertainment. Content, speech and actions are fully customisable, plus the robot can be remotely operated. Contact Evenses for more information & to book this fascinating robot for your event.

Mystic Fire Art Solo: fire show​

Fire is something that people are always fascinated by. This act combines fire show with different costumes, dances and fire techniques. It is often described as unique, artistic and ingenious.

You can choose between various shows, such as a spectacular fire show, tissue act, belly dancer or a water sensation act. Consider the impact of acrobatic shows, dance shows, fire shows and other special acts. For corporate events, the company’s logo can be displayed during the act if needed. Your occasion will never be forgotten if you hire one of our shows.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities with different acts or shows? Then please contact us to hire the best artists in the UK.

Honourable mention would go to the beloved Can Can Showgirls! Champagne is popping, the room is electric and we are ready to take you back... back to the real Paris of the roaring twenties.

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