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If you are going to have a big party that you want to recall for eternity, then a videographer is not to be missed out on. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but video is worth ten times that! Read more

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Wedding Nanny Wedding Nanny Wedding Nanny Wedding Nanny Wedding Nanny Wedding Nanny Wedding Nanny

Wedding Nanny

3 Reviews
Suitable for:Weddings

A babysitter for your wedding, for children from 0 to 12 years.

Tye BateInspired, creative, and enthusiastic video and picture creators | Evenses.comAn example of what Tye can do for your company | Evenses.comTye BateTye Bate

Tye Bate

4 Reviews

Inspired, creative, and enthusiastic video and picture creators are available to hire

price on request
Video guestbookBruiloft videograaf voor uw bruiloft en ceremonie | www.evenses.comVideo guestbookVideo guestbook

Video guestbook

1 Review
Suitable for:Party

A short video of all your guests: a well-maintained memory with this video guestbook.

Videographer CurtisWant to book an editor and events videographer, specialising in slow motion event videography?A unique filming style of our videographer to capture your best momentsLooking of the best videographer for your event, festival or celebration?Videographer Curtis

Videographer Curtis

Suitable for:Party, Weddings

A film of your event created by a videographer with all the highlights!

Professional videography services are ready to capture your event



Seeing a second by second recap of your event is something that no one should take for granted. Being able to watch memories of your special day and remember all the people that were there is truly a blissful experience.



For a wedding, it's possible to have a videographer walking around to capture the ceremony, reception, and even the preparations of the event! You can also have a video guestbook that looks similar to a photobooth, that will record unlimited videos of guests to send to the bride and groom.

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