"Last Sunday, we had a party that you had provided the music for. I would like to say that we were extremely happy with that performance and it's excellent care in all respects. I received many compliments for the excellent singer and pianist. Moreover, they were very pleasant people. I hope you also convey these compliments to them." - Marc Offerman

"It was a beautiful performance. I will certainly promote your site with my contacts who are looking for music for a party!" - Marge Daniels

"They have did it very well, and we have received many nice comments! Excellent service and implementation. We definitely recommend that you continue! Until the next opportunity!" - Annice

"Everything went very well. I was pleased with the performance and I also received many positive reactions. Thanks for the quick arrangement. Next time I will certainly keep you in mind!" -Anita

"We have received rave reviews about the music from many guests. And as far as I am concerned, it fully met expectations. Thank you for your efforts, it was great!" - Bart and Ria George

"Everything went very well, and the violinist was very beautiful. The day was like a fairy tale, it just couldn't have gone better!" - Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen

"It was great, we would always accept and recommend you again!" - Angela

"Just wanted to let you know that we had a great evening with your DJ. Thanks for this!" - Peter

"We asked the musicians in advance to study a number of songs for our ceremony. We found this quite exciting, because we did not know what interpretation the musicians would give to these songs and whether this would fit into our ceremony. Our expectations have really been exceeded! The musicians were fantastic! They have understood how we wanted the music to be filled in and this was very important for our ceremony. Thank you to the musicians for that! We have received so many great reactions from our guests, thank you!" - Raymond and Dianne

"We were quite urgent to ask for their help, because we arranged it in a very short time! And the performance was great! Everyone on that day was enjoyed it so much!" - Ruth

"At our wedding in Belgium, we chose John & Mr. Smith, especially because we were looking to have a party where a Saxophone could play along with the DJ. Eventually, after a conversation, I chose to support the ceremony with a Saxophonist and this was of insane level. Live sax where you almost don't believe it's really live, so good. A fantastic party ended a great day! - Bob

"It is now more than a month since we were married. We look back on a fantastic day, and you and the band contributed to that! The contact in advance went very well and the party with the band was a great success. We would like to thank you and the band in this way!" - Carol and Mark

"The band The Party Collective is really great, good musicians, broad repertoire, respond well to atmosphere and are enthusiastic and tireless. You really have sore feet from dancing, and a hoarse voice from singing along. Also things like sound adjustment are just right for the number of people at the party." - Johanna

"We are very satisfied, the DJ had to come in so we didn't discuss anything in advance. He asked in advance what we didn't want to hear and that went really great. He felt the atmosphere well and the saxophonist matched it well. Super nice people!" - Priscilla

"Arranged an act last minute and that went very well and exactly on time. You are highly recommended as an event agency." - Martina

"Great to make a booking like this! Large collection and with application of filters you can quickly find what you want. Coordination of wishes and possibilities was partly via site and mail and partly in direct contact with an employee. Well arranged if I say so!" - Nico

"Everything is professionally and properly handled, from booking to the execution of the booking. The equipment was installed on time and the DJ turned out to be a nice young man who sensed our audience well." - Hanson

"Always nice to play for the bookings through Evenses. Nice people, nice locations, everything well arranged!" - Denise

"At the end of our wedding party the brass band 'Shake' came in, to surprise all of our guests. She provided even more cheerfulness and energy, took our guests for a few last dances, and we the 'wedding couple' left with the band outside. A wonderful end to our party." - Claudia

"Good experience with the collaboration. Prior communication could be a little clearer but otherwise it was good! And brass band and massages were great!" - Chantal

"We had a very nice evening with DJ Maximuss as a DJ. After the evening we even received questions from our guests on where they could book him. Totally great!" - Jerry

"I found the interaction via mail and telephone very friendly and professional. A search was also made with me for a way to fulfill our wish, within our available budget." - Catherine

"We had rented the disco dance floor and it was really super! Great service and friendly people at Evenses!" - Charlotte

"Super good DJ and saxophonist. We have received many compliments from our guests. Understood the atmosphere and connected with the audience along with the wishes of us as a wedding couple." - Tessa

"The DJ and Percussionist gave us a very successful party! The DJ was even flexible to continue a little longer at the request of the customer." - Daphne

"We booked a violinist through Evenses last Thursday, it was fantastic in one word! There were fewer attendees than we previously thought, but this did not spoil the fun. The people present were thoroughly enjoyed and this will be discussed for a long time to come. Also a thank you to Nick from Evenses for selecting this great artist. We have only positive reactions about Evenses and about the violinist!" - Ben

"The Evenses crew organizes their events very professionally. Everything is well thought out and the many times that I have worked with them, both the preparation and the execution went very well. Evenses succeeds in getting the right act to the right place through involvement and knowledge. The crew is always energetic, solution-oriented, and cheerful. It is clearly a pleasure to work for Evenses, I can certainly confirm that." - Daniel

"Pros: Fast communication, clear follow-up, and confirmation about the booking. Points of improvement: Had to ask themselves if a briefing with the band was possible. Felt a bit strange not to have had any contact with the band until quite shortly before our party. After our request, something was quickly arranged for this." - Laura

"Pros: - Good, fast and correct contact - Good advice - clear agreements Points of improvement: No points for improvement. Both the contact with Evenses and with the Cappuccino's was very nice!" - Frank

"Clarity about conditions, a good band contracted, clear communication. The band (Rusty & the Senators) is an absolute top band. They feel the audience flawlessly, are professionals, are very amiable and in fact they make the party!" - Ton