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Book a World Musicband or singing group to make yourparty, wedding, or event a huge success!Evenses offers you a wide range of world music which is a rather a broad concept, so we have different examples on our website. We have different instrumental musicians who can play world music for you. Read more

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Jazz MoodJazz Mood | EvensesJazz MoodJazz MoodJazz MoodJazz MoodJazz MoodJazz Mood

Jazz Mood

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Suitable for:Dinner, Reception, Event
Category:Jazz Bands

As a full band or a trio, these classy musicians provide great entertainment

The Jazz Brothersan outstanding performance by our jazz bands EvensesThe Jazz BrothersThe Jazz BrothersThe Jazz Brothers

The Jazz Brothers

4 Reviews
Suitable for:Party, Reception, Event
Category:Jazz Bands

Bring your guests to a different atmosphere - jump into the past, as in travel through time?

World music for your wedding, reception and birthday party.



What about a bagpipe player that plays real Scottish music, or an accordion player that provides lovely folk music? Our accordion player plays Dutch, French, Italian, Gypsy, and British music. We also have several hirable bands, such as Latin bands who play Spanish music, Latin music, Argentinian music and Caribbean music for you. With our world music artist selection, your party can be just the style you want!


Why not book a musician combined with a dancer? A dancer who dances with live music in a specific style is a fantastic addition to a themed party. For example, consider hiring a Spanish musician with a flamenco dancer to create a really nice atmosphe, or a female singer with a tango dancer. Our experienced event managers will be happy to help you arrange the perfect world music artists and musicians for your event.


Do you have questions, or are you curious about the possibilities regarding booking world music? Please feel free to contact us. We are available seven days a week for all your questions. You can also request an offer to see the possibilities that we can provide for your event.

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