Hire a coffee bar

A coffee bar is apt to book for almost any occasion. If you hire a coffee bar at Evenses, you get a mobile coffee bar which is easy to relocate. Your coffee will not be just served - the bar has personnel well versed in coffee varieties and 'Latté art.' 'Latté art' is the creation of designs in the milk foam of the coffee, such as a heart, leaf or apple. The baristas who deliver the coffee have an intimate knowledge of their product and like to talk about the product; its preparation and origin. We have a solution even if some guests do not like coffee - the bar that you hire at Evenses is equipped with delicious tea varieties.



Hire a coffee bar for your party, festival or event.



It does not matter if you are organizing a big or small event; the coffee bar is suited for almost every occasion, such as a business party, festival or fair. The bar is equipped with decorations, coffee cards, glassware, and baristas. The price you pay at Evenses is all-inclusive; you do not have to worry about extra costs after the event. A coffee bar combines well with other acts that Evenses offers, for example, a photo mirror, Polaroid photography DJ & saxophonist. You can contact one of our employees for questions or a no-obligation offer; we’d love to help you find the perfect coffee bar.

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Coffee Bar
Complete coffee and tea catering on location at any occasion.
530,-price on requesta