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Event Management

Are you getting married next year and you want to make your special day together memorable? Is your oldest son turning eighteen and you have invited all of your family and friends to celebrate it in a big way? Or is your office responsible for the company party this year and you could use some help in managing the entire event? Have you ever considered professional event management to support you in organizing the party or event in question?

Event management may sound a bit broad, but it in all acutally it's a person who manages your event and dedicates all their efforts in the fine details. The creation and development of both small and large-scale events, including weddings, festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal and informal parties, concerts, and congresses are all occasions that can rely on the help of an event planner. Components of professional event management includes studying the client, identifying the target audience, coming up with the concept for the party or event, and coordinating the technical and logistical elements in the run-up to the occasion.

The event industry has grown rapidly in response to the growing demand for major music festivals since the 1960s and now includes events of all types and sizes, from business breakfast meetings and private birthdays to prize ceremonies and the Olympic Games. Many industries, charities, and advocacy groups organize events to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievements. In the private sphere, event management is utilised more and more for birthdays, county fairs, and many other occasions. Because of this increase of such events, there are a plethora of companies that dedicate their time and efforts into helping arrange them.

As a result, there has also been a great variety of specializations. For example, there are event management companies that only focus on corporate events and other formal business activities, but also freelance professionals who specialize in children's parties or weddings. This is of course good news for anyone who wants to organize a party or event, since the perfect match for you is certainly there. The decision process can seem overwhelming and take a lot longer if you're unsure of who can help you best, so we'll help explain it further.

At Evenses, we have been active in the event industry for years and we can tell you that booking an event planner does not necessarily have to be difficult or complicated. Evenses is an entertainment booking agency that can provide you with the right event planner that will help plan every detail for your event. While Evenses simply books and coordinates entertainment services, an event planner can focus on a venue, tables, chairs, invitations, lighting, audio, food, advertising, and more.

We are happy to make our expertise available to all of our customers at Evenses, so that you can book the best event management for your event. You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to see for yourself what we can offer in terms of event management, then you can already start exploring with the help of our search engine. Furthermore, below we will also go a little deeper into what the work of a professional in the event management sector entails and in what ways it can be of added value for the party or event that you are going to organize.

Some characteristics of a successful party or event

If you're the organizer of an event, then there is nothing better than seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Lots of energy, smiling faces, and people having fun is what you want to see when you organize a party. On the other hand, it is sometimes a major dissappointment to see an aspect of your event turn out not how you intended it to. But what exactly is the difference between a successful party and a dull event? Our event managers know all about it, but to help you get started we will list some of the most important characteristics of a successful organization below.

How memorable do you make the event

Is there something about your party or event that is different from other occasions? Something that would make the people present remember it weeks or months later? This can be done by, among other things, booking cool live acts for the event and by organizing original activities for the guests. For example, during a party with friends you can have a professional sushi chef come by to show everyone how to prepare delicious fresh sushi. If you are organizing a wedding, you can have the wedding couple arrive at the location in a beautiful fairytale coach, including Frisian draft horses and a coachman in a costume. In short, the more memorable you can make the party or event, the longer people will remember how much fun it was.

How are the guests selected?

No matter how great and well planned an event is, ultimately the guests are the ones that can determine how great the event actually was. This means that compiling the guest list is of great importance in event management. Of course, for the birthday of your five-year-old son or an office drink you probably won't use a guest list, but certainly for larger events such as weddings and festivals, a well-composed guest list can be the difference between a successful or boring party.

It is therefore important that the occasion, the booked entertainment, and the personalities of the people invited all fit well together. Would you like to invite a professional speaker to the company party next month? Make sure that you choose someone who can talk in an interesting way about a topic that has to do with your company and that most people will be interested in. Will you soon be celebrating your wedding anniversary and would you like to book some live music? Then choose an artist or band that fits well with the occasion. In other words, professional event management is not only about which caterer you want to book or what decoration is hung up, but also about putting together a suitable guest list that will complete the event.

How generous are you towards your guests?

This may sound strange, but in the end people hope to get certain things when they are invited to a party or event. We are not only talking about a goody bag or something similar, but also social connections, music, and good food. Just think about it: the most memorable events you have attended yourself, most likely also offered one or more elements that you deem valuable, such as an interesting speaker, a delicious dinner, or a super fun live act. As an organizer, it is therefore important to be generous towards your guests. By booking professional event management, you can ensure that the expectations of your guests are not only met, but also exceeded.

How consistent are you in delivering what you promise?

This point follows the previous point on generosity. It is of great importance for the success of your event that you are consistent in regard to keeping your promises. Does the invitation to your wedding state that the caterer is flown in specially from Italy? Then make sure that the food is of exceptional quality. Have you told all your colleagues that the office drink starts at 6:00 pm in the pub on the corner? Then make sure that by that time everything is ready and on the spot. By sending an invitation, you immediately create expectations. By not meeting these expectations, you risk leaving people disappointed and disappointment is not part of successful occasions. So try to manage the expectations of the people and make sure that you can deliver what you promise. An experienced entertainment agency such as Evenses can be very helpful by formulating promises with you, based on location and budget, that you can fulfill.

What Evenses can do for you

If you are thinking about booking professional event management for your party or event, we also recommend that you contact a party with experience in this area. At an entertainment agency like Evenses, we have been working for years with a wide range of specialists in the world of event management. From professional suppliers of light and sound equipment, laser shows, DJ equipment, caterers, and special attractions, Evenses can get the perfect event planner to you. In addition, we can also put you in contact with professional acts and artists who, in combination with the booked equipment, can provide a smashing spectacle.

Over the years, Evenses has made hundreds of event management bookings for countless of different parties and occasions, including birthdays, weddings, and festivals. With the help of the search engine on our website you can already see what your options are. You can also contact our event specialists seven days a week if you have questions about booking event management. You can always reach us by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can be sure that we will book the event management that fits perfectly with the party or event that you are going to organize.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.