Interesting facts about Oxford


Oxford is the city of the long history, of great and young minds and beautiful surroundings. People have lived in Oxford for thousands of years. It’s been a homeland to royalty and academics, and since the 9th century has established itself as a city for fostering innovation in different sectors: business, environment, education, arts and a lot more.  Not only it’s famous for its University, academic authors and schools, but also for its leading and forward-looking approach. Nowadays, Oxford is a cosmopolitan town. A large number of business, science and technology-based companies are located in and around the town. 


Such a great balance of old and new, city and countryside made Oxford a popular location for filming and writings. Harry Potter was filmed in various Oxford colleges, Inspector Morse books by Colin Dexter are set in Oxford, Philip Pullman’s trilogy 'His Dark Materials' is also set in this fabulous city. 



Take a look at our 7 interesting and exciting facts about Oxford


Fact №1– Oxonians? Never heard this before? 

 Oxford's residents are known as Oxonians. This term is generally used as an adjective for Oxford or Oxford University or a member of Oxford University (noun).



Fact №2 – How many Oxfords we know?

 An Oxford in New Zealand, Canada, more than 20 of Oxfords in the United States, Oxford country, few lakes named Oxford. Oxford grey- a very dark grey colour, the Oxford Group, oxford shoes and the Oxford accent. Lots of things you may know are named Oxford. 



Fact №3 – No Women                                                                            

The first Oxford’ colleges were constructed in the 13th century, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that women were allowed to study at the university. Only in 1920 they were awarded their degrees. 



Fact №4 – Cambridge?

Did you know that the University of Cambridge was founded by Oxford scholars? After the dramatic murder of a local woman by students, and riot that erupted in Oxford in 1209. 



Fact №5 – Hogwarts exists!

It’s real! The Great Hall at Christ Church became an inspiration for the Hogwarts dining hall in the Potter movies. The staircase leading up to the hall was used in a couple of scenes in the films.



Fact #6 – Oxford as a capital of the ‘World Empire’. 

Hitler was planning to use Oxford as his New Empire’s capital if he occupied United Kingdom which is one of the cases why it was not bombed.



Fact #7- Alice, who is this Alice?

We all watched Alice in Wonderland. But she was a real girl named Alice Liddell. She was the daughter of a friend of Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), who was a lector at the College. He spent much time with Alice and her family, and immortalised her in his books.



It’s nothing more exciting than this city!


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