Easter Holidays

The Easter Holidays are a great time to enjoy spring-like weather and indulge in some family fun. With great facilities and entertainment and many outdoor events, you will never run out of activities to experience. Enjoy that fresh spring air and make your plans well in advance in order to secure your travel and accommodation at the best rates.



When are the Easter Holidays in 2019?


The England Easter holidays will take place from 5th – 22nd April 2019.

The Scotland Easter holidays will take place from 29th March – 12th April 2019.


The meaning of Easter

Easter, is the celebration of the last week of Jesus’ life, his death, and his rebirth. It’s one of the oldest Christian traditions. For Christians, Easter represents the beginning of a new life. It’s believed that Easter tradition came from the rituals of the pagan people who colonised the United Kingdom before its widespread conversion to the Christian faith. Academics think that Easter was named “Eostre”, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the spring.


Why the date changes every year

Unlike Christmas or Halloween, the Easter is not a set day- what’s called a moveable feast- a holiday that moves around the calendar. Depending on the Gregorian or Julian calendar, Easter can vary in date to date by different countries. The UK that follows the Gregorian calendar celebrates Easter on the Sunday following the first full moon that occurs after the first day of spring. Following this timeline, Easter day varies from the 22nd of March to far into spring on the 25th of April.

What is decided, that Easter Day is on the same date across the world and would always be the first Sunday following the full moon at Passover. Once that is known, then Easter can be worked out.


The most important Easter Holidays’ dates in the UK


Maundy Thursday

The UK’s Easter begins with the Thursday before Easter. It is celebrated as the last day of Jesus’ life. It is believed that Jesus washed the feet of his loyal disciples in the “Eucharist” ceremony. The day is named has its significance and origins from the French word “mande”, which roughly translates to the terms command or mandate. Which is: “love one another as I have loved you.”


Good Friday

To be named God’s Friday” or “Holy Friday”, the UK’s Good Friday celebration is a Memorial Day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is treated as a day of grief in the United Kingdom. Churches remain gloomy and bare, no decorations are allowed, some of them cover statues and paintings. Most of the churches hold a ceremony at 3 o’clock, as this is believed to be the time that Jesus died on the cross.

Fish is the traditional food of choice for the Good Friday, while some devout Christians opt to fast instead in memory of the sacrifice given by Jesus Christ.


Holy Saturday

“Holy Saturday” Is the Saturday prior to Easter. It is historically agreed to be the day that Jesus lay in the grave and is used to reflect on his sacrifice. 


Easter Sunday

The Easter Sunday is the most important day of the holidays, as it symbolises reminiscence of Jesus’ rebirth, denoting that death is not the end of our journey. The churches celebrate Easter Sunday with the decorations as flowers (generally white lilies), bell ringing, and a white and gold colour pallet inside of the church hall. 



Easter is rich in traditional foods. Breakfast contains boiled eggs and the exchanging of Easter gifts and cards. Roast lamb with mint sauce is served as the main meal. You can try Easter biscuits and the traditional pudding. Easter biscuits consist of spices, currants, and occasionally grated lemon rinds. 



On the most common traditions during the Easter holidays is the giving of Easter eggs. Eggs are a symbol of new life created during the spring. This tradition meant to celebrate the coming of spring. Chocolate eggs are given to kids, bringing eggs and cakes to be sanctified near the church and rolling real eggs down a hill in a race. 

There are a lot of Easter traditions celebrated worldwide. It is considered that Early Easter gifts have initially been birds’ eggs, painted in bright colours and patterns. Some still celebrate Easter with egg painting as a children’s activity. 


Events and celebrations

Easter holiday celebrations are exceptional to those across the world due to their historical roots. An Easter in the UK has traditions based not only on Christianity principles but also containing pagan customs. Whether you are celebrating Easter following the Christian traditions or a large Easter festive bunny leaving behind chocolate and painted eggs, there are lots of unique activities to do across the country to enjoy over the holiday weekend.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are considered Bank Holidays with most businesses being closed across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Easter corresponds with a two-week holiday for schools and is the most popular time for family trips.

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