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DJ specials are slightly different from 'standard' DJs. These DJs have something extra that make the performance unique and memorable. Read more

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Mobile DJ 'Move'Mobiele Dj huren | www.Evenses.comMobile DJ 'Move'Mobile DJ 'Move'Mobile DJ 'Move'Mobile DJ 'Move'Mobile DJ 'Move'Mobile DJ 'Move'Mobile DJ 'Move'Mobile DJ 'Move'

Mobile DJ 'Move'

3 Reviews
Suitable for:Party, Festivals
Category:All, Mobile DJ

The mobile DJ gives a great show which he can transfer around your party and event.

Silent Disco UKBook your Silent Disco PARTY!!! | Evenses.comBohemian Rhapsody with Silent Disco UK | Evenses UKSilent Disco UKSilent Disco UK

Silent Disco UK

6 Reviews
Suitable for:Party

A unique and memorable party, listening to music through headphones!

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For example, can you think of a mobile DJ? Do you want a party with a different music genre in every room? The mobile DJ can provide this and run all the different genres you want to hear. You can also hire a video jockey (VJ) with the DJ. A VJ creates a beautiful visual show at your party. While the DJ is playing, the VJ provides a really memorable show. Within our DJ specials, you can also book a Vinyl DJ to take you back to the good old times with real vinyl records.



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A popular DJ special consists of a DJ combined with musicians such as a , violinist, guitarist or an entire band. Every instrumental combination is possible with our DJs.


Would you like something special and eye-catching at your party? View our deals for the DJ special. You can reach us 7 days a week for questions and suggestions. Our experienced staff will gladly assist, to ensure your event is a success.

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